Buddhist Woman Healed of Cancer

Buddhist Woman Healed of Cancer

*Somchai lived in the bustling city of Bangkok. Life for the 26-year-old seemed to be crumbling around her. She was separated from her husband and distanced from her daughter. Her abdominal pain had turned out to be the same type of intestinal cancer that had taken her mother’s life when Somchai was just a girl.

Frail and worn out  from surgery and chemotherapy, Somchai clung to her Buddhist amulets, the last vestiges of hope in a world that offered little solace or peace. Depressed and hopeless, Somchai decided to go back to the quaint village where her mother had once lived before the allure of the big city called.

In this small village, Somchai fondly remembered the days she spent there with her mother. She even reunited with her Uncle *Sunan. Having returned from Bangkok a few years before himself, Sunan had come back with a mission to start a house church in his ancestral village. This vibrant community of new believers embraced Somchai, and after many months of fellowship and prayer with the house church, Somchai felt hopeful.

A few months later, surrounded by the prayers of her new church family, her uncle, and a movement catalyst, Somchai cast aside her Buddhist beliefs and confessed her faith in Christ. As she did, she felt a weight lift from her weary shoulders. She described it as feeling a rush, like something had left her body. She felt slightly nauseous and clammy, but oddly free. 

In the days that followed, miracles unfolded before the eyes of skeptics and believers alike. Somchai defied medical expectations. Not only did she surprise her doctors with a rapid recovery, but she put on weight. Even her countenance changed. As news of Somchai’s healing spread throughout the village, other villagers and even people from neighboring villages started to believe in Jesus.

Pray for Somchai and her daughter, now that the Lord has healed her physical body, pray that He would heal the relationship between her and her daughter. 



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