Lotus flowers dotted the beautiful pond – the perfect setting for a simple baptism in eastern Thailand. Buddhist-background Pastor Mii declared in Thai, “Today I have the privilege to reciprocate blessing upon a family that has blessed me!” 

As most of the village watched, Mii prayed for and baptized a young American man, the son of the family he stayed with during his college days in America. They were a big part of Mii coming to know and trust Jesus.

After returning to his family in Thailand, Pastor Mii helped pioneer a new church in this unreached area. Now most of Mii’s family – and many other families – are disciples of Jesus!

After the baptism, Richard*, a Beyond field worker, noticed an older man hobbling with his walking stick and slowed to accompany him. Richard asked, “Pong, have you also been baptized like this? Do you know Jesus?” His answer was surprising. “I have been learning, reading in the Bible. My wife and daughter will be baptized soon, and today I have decided that I, too, will follow Jesus. I also want to be baptized!” 

Pong explained that Mii’s older sister had prayed for Pong’s cherished granddaughter, who was paralyzed after witch doctors visited their family and did magic. Although Pong hung back when others in his family trusted Jesus, he could now see that God chooses whole families, including him! 

Praise our God, who wants whole families to follow Him together. And praise Him for Pastor Mii, who wants to study disciple-making principles with Richard to help his church multiply. Pray that as Pastor Mii learns the biblical principles of Disciple-Making Movements he will immediately implement them and see the fruit of obedience.



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