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Can you believe more than two billion people around the world have not heard of Jesus? These men, women, and children live without hope, without God’s peace, and without eternal salvation. Your gift can help a person with no access to the gospel meet Jesus and teach them how to make disciples of their own family and communities.


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The devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria has stirred us all as we contemplate the utter disaster of loss of life, injury and damage.

You can help now by giving to help those in crisis. One of BEYOND’s leaders in the region has issued an urgent plea: A local partner has become a relief center for hundreds of families RIGHT NOW.

And more help from disciple-making teams across Turkey and Syria are mobilizing. They are distributing blankets, food and medicine in the initial aftermath.

By donating to those in crisis in Turkey and Syria, you supply immediate needs that will also result in new multiplying disciples and house churches. Watch a video explains the impact movements have made after an earthquake in Austronesia … WATCH NOW


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Beyond helps movements by providing aid for those who have been persecuted for following Jesus. This funding helps the people and their families who have been imprisoned, lost their livelihood or have been killed for following Jesus.

Your donation will pay for immediate legal and physical needs– and in a way which will also result in new multiplying disciples and house churches.


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The Hope Flight Project exists to facilitate church planting among unreached people by providing air ambulance service to those who live in extremely isolated villages. When people experience the love of God in a very practical way, it prepares hearts to receive the good news of Jesus Christ. The end goal is to multiply generations of obedient disciples for our Father in heaven.   


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Your gift will help edit, record, and produce a set of Bible stories. These recordings can lead a lost family to faith, disciple them to baptism, and continue discipling on what true Church is all about. Once story sets are recorded in a new language, they literally impact tens of thousands of lives for Christ. 

If Unreached Peoples don’t have access to Scripture in their heart language, then they have little chance of discovering who Jesus is and what He is asking of them. When people have Scripture in their heart language, not only is it easier for them to share scriptures  with others but they can stand strong during persecution.


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24:14 is a global coalition working together to engage every unreached people and place with church planting movement efforts by 2025. Your funds will primarily help indigenous workers to start new movements in unreached peoples and places.


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Funding goes to see a growing, vibrant, self-sustainable North Korean Church that is holistic, healthy, and Christ-centered.


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This project seeks to equip local movement pioneers in the paradigm and practices of disciple and church multiplication.  Equipping local leaders is partly achieved through establishing peer to peer communities of practice and through cross pollination trips within the region.


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Over 400 million people live in the North Africa Middle East region. The vast majority of them have no access to the good news of Jesus. Your funds to this project provides funding for equipping and coaching Church Planting Movement catalysts in North Africa and the Middle East.


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Operating in SE Asia this project is a partnership with national leadership to see the UPGs of the region engaged through the  training of “near culture”  workers to become equipped as movement catalysts.  This project has also been an outlet for several large disaster response efforts in the region that have opened up new areas of engagement.


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Beyond is vitally invested in seeing both men and women equipped, coached, and growing in the implementation of Disciple Making Movements among the Unreached People Groups. To date, there have been Women2Women DMM trainings in Bali, Turkey, Bosnia, Bali again, and Los Angeles. Women2Women DMM Trainings afford women the opportunity to see other women as trainers, implementers, coaches as they choose to walk out Holy Spirit dependence.To Model-Assist-Watch-Love/Coach in the simplicity of the greatness of Jesus modeled ways of making reproducing groups of disciples is the privilege to which we invite you to partner in funding.


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*Preferenced Gifts: While a donor may express a preference for a gift, IRS regulations state that tax-deductible gifts must be under control of the non-profit organization. Please contact us if you have any questions.