“It Must Be Jesus Who Did This!”

“It Must Be Jesus Who Did This!”

*Uhn was the town drunk and the senior patriarch of his large extended family. Over a year ago, *Scott’s local partner, a capable movement catalyst, led Uhn to faith in Jesus. After prayer, he was able to stop all drinking and has taken deliberate steps to walk in obedience to Christ. After completing a short set of lessons with his discipleship group, they dug into the book of Mark using an obedience-oriented discovery process. Uhn even took upon himself the task of memorizing the Gospel of Mark. Scott was very moved when he followed along as Uhn recited Mark chapter 10, word for word.

Uhn’s change in behavior is captured in the words of his Buddhist brother-in-law: “It is miraculous how he has changed. We used to be afraid of him, [but not now]. How can I explain it? It must be Jesus who did this!”

Since November 2021, Uhn and the leader working with him have actively gathered his extended family and shared God’s word with them. Some have already come to faith and obeyed in baptism. Even more encouraging is the weekly Discovery Bible Study group with his extended family. Pray they grow into maturity as a church and function as one among their extended community to the glory of God.

Thank you for impacting the lives of unreached peoples and spreading God’s glory among the nations.



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Division Produces Multiplication

Division Produces Multiplication

For years, three Muslim-background followers of Jesus lived and ministered together in the same Muslim community. The three friends would gather large groups and share Bible stories, but they never had any fruit.

Then, about three years ago, God told them to separate. They obeyed, and each man gathered a smaller group in which they were the only follower of Jesus. It wasn’t long before they all began to see fruit.

The three friends realized that they used to spend a lot of time discussing what each knew about the Bible and what they had learned at some Christian conference or retreat. But when they separated, the new groups’ discussions became centered around what God was doing. The Lord began to use His Word and His Spirit to speak to and guide the Muslim seekers.

These groups have now become over 175 baptized followers in more than 29 house churches. The groups recently came together twice to baptize over 60 new followers, as their Muslim community watched from boats and the shore. These events have led to many conversations and some tensions within the community. Still, the disciples see this as an excellent opportunity to share their testimonies about what it means to follow Jesus with their friends and neighbors.

Mr. Bee seemed eager to hear about Isa (Jesus) and began reading scripture with Kuts. After a while, Mrs. Bee and their daughter joined
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It was close to harvest season, and the corn was ripening in the fields. *Asam, a former Muslim who follows Jesus and lives  read more …

The Encouraging Eavesdropper

The Encouraging Eavesdropper

For several weeks, Tucker* and his friend, Peter*, have been visiting a local food stall to look for people of peace (Luke 10:5-6). As they sit and eat, they strike up conversations with fellow customers to identify spiritually hungry people. 

One day as they were sharing the gospel, a man at the next table caught their attention. They noticed that he was listening to their conversation. Before long, the other man was smiling and giving them the “thumbs up” sign.

After their conversation, Tucker and his friend moved to talk with Raykim*. Raykim is a Jesus follower who had just moved to the area, and Tucker and his friend were the first Christians he had met. He was so encouraged to see them sharing the gospel with his fellow countrymen. They invited Raykim to study God’s Word with them.

The men have met a couple of times and Tucker is encouraged by Raykim’s desire to grow in the Lord, connect with other disciples, and share the Good News with lost people. He very clearly understands that God’s commands to His followers include “Go” and “Obey.”

Praise God! He is raising up laborers for the harvest from among the harvest! Pray for Raykim as he grows in his faith and puts it into action.


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“I, Too will Follow Jesus”

“I, Too will Follow Jesus”

Lotus flowers dotted the beautiful pond – the perfect setting for a simple baptism in eastern Thailand. Buddhist-background Pastor Mii declared in Thai, “Today I have the privilege to reciprocate blessing upon a family that has blessed me!” 

As most of the village watched, Mii prayed for and baptized a young American man, the son of the family he stayed with during his college days in America. They were a big part of Mii coming to know and trust Jesus.

After returning to his family in Thailand, Pastor Mii helped pioneer a new church in this unreached area. Now most of Mii’s family – and many other families – are disciples of Jesus!

After the baptism, Richard*, a Beyond field worker, noticed an older man hobbling with his walking stick and slowed to accompany him. Richard asked, “Pong, have you also been baptized like this? Do you know Jesus?” His answer was surprising. “I have been learning, reading in the Bible. My wife and daughter will be baptized soon, and today I have decided that I, too, will follow Jesus. I also want to be baptized!” 

Pong explained that Mii’s older sister had prayed for Pong’s cherished granddaughter, who was paralyzed after witch doctors visited their family and did magic. Although Pong hung back when others in his family trusted Jesus, he could now see that God chooses whole families, including him! 

Praise our God, who wants whole families to follow Him together. And praise Him for Pastor Mii, who wants to study disciple-making principles with Richard to help his church multiply. Pray that as Pastor Mii learns the biblical principles of Disciple-Making Movements he will immediately implement them and see the fruit of obedience.



Disciples in SE Asia have seen many people come to Christ in the past few years and have helped establish many new village house churches. A BEYOND worker who relates 
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A Knock on the Door

A Knock on the Door

Kuts* is a regional team leader. One day, Kuts prayed that the Lord would lead him to a person or persons of peace. It was then he met Mr. Bee*. 

Mr. Bee seemed eager to hear about Isa (Jesus) and began reading scripture with Kuts. After a while, Mrs. Bee and their daughter joined their studies. Over the course of a year, there were many obstacles to this family coming to faith. One barrier was that Mr. Bee saw Isa (Jesus) merely as a prophet, just as Mohammad was. His inability to see Isa as more than a prophet stalled his spiritual growth.

Several weeks later, Kuts and his team of workers met to discuss disciple-making principles and the importance of following up with promising contacts. They were ready to start their meeting when there was a knock at the door. Kuts was surprised to see Mr. Bee but felt he should welcome him in, even though the team had only a few hours to cover many important issues.

Mr. Bee took a seat, and Kuts asked if there was something he was thankful for. Mr. Bee shared about a portion of scripture he had read in the Injil (New Testament). He was confused by the use of sheep in the passage and by a vivid dream he’d had shortly after reading the scriptures. In the dream, he stood in an open field with hundreds of sheep. (Sheep are almost non-existent in this part of the country; there are only goats). He heard a voice telling him to care for these sheep. Bee asked Kuts what it could mean and what the Injil was describing.  

In the team’s presence, they opened God’s word and read several passages where Jesus used sheep in illustrations and where He was mentioned as the Good Shepherd. After reading, Kuts asked Bee what he thought his dreams meant. Bee said it seemed clear that Isa was telling him to tell others about the salvation He offers and that he (Bee) should care for and lead these new sheep.

Before Bee left, the team prayed for him and said they would visit him at his house in a couple of days.

The Lord had convinced Mr. Bee of His deity and sovereignty and gave him a mandate to spread the Good News of the gospel. Additionally, what the team witnessed that night was a tremendous encouragement. God renewed their passion to find and disciple those He had prepared.


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