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  • Pray that our teams serving among Muslim people groups would be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading during Ramadan. Pray for many opportunities to engage in spiritual conversations during this crucial time.
  • Pray for field workers heading overseas. Pray as they navigate through days of preparation and goodbyes then through new hoops due to covid realities and starting life in a new country.
  • Pray for answers to prayers prayed in the name of Jesus. Pray that these answered prayers would bring many lost people to faith in Jesus and obedience to His word.


 Join us in prayer by visiting this page each day until May 12 and learn about the various places around the world with high Muslim populations and how you can be praying for them.

Let’s begin with: Why Should We Pray for the Muslim World?

Day 1: Mecca, Saudi Arabia

DAY 2: Cairo, Egypt

DAY 3: Birmingham, England

DAY 4: New York City, USA

Day 5: N’Djaména, Chad

Day 6: Athens Greece

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