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  • Pray for disciple-makers to let go of things that hinder fruitfulness. Ask the Father to show them what to do or intensify to bear more fruit.(John 15:1-8)
  • Pray for new followers to be established in their walk with Jesus. For many it means the beginning of persecution. Pray they accept it with joy, knowing there are better things awaiting them that will last forever. (Hebrews 10:34b)
  • Pray for the upcoming training opportunities Beyond staff have. Pray the Spirit gives words to our workers and understanding and resolution to those who will hear them.

Disciple Keys Movement Prayer Guide.

We invite you to pray through Disciple Keys Movement Prayer Guide, beginning January 1, 2022, and invite others to do the same.

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Join us in prayer for Afghanistan. Here are some prayer guides to help you pray.
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