Turkic Peoples

“… AND there before me was a great multitude that no one could count,
from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before
the throne … REV. 7:9


The Turkic peoples are part of old and proud civilizations that have spanned continents and enhanced great empires. For over a thousand years, their homeland was a stronghold of Christianity. Later it became a center for the spread of Islam. Although some ancient churches have survived, over 91% of the people groups are considered unreached.

Governments have restricted the sharing of the Good News throughout the Turkic region. Monitoring, discrimination, and persecution is commonplace. People struggle with sin structures in this economically depressed region. At the same time, many refugees from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan have flowed through the Turkish world toward Europe.

Turkic peoples need Jesus! What a privilege it is to serve our Savior among them, holding tightly to God’s promises, declaring His glory, and proclaiming the blessing of freedom in Christ Jesus. 


  • Pray that God would shake up Turkic peoples so they are ready to hear about, receive, and follow His Son.

  • Pray that God would impart creative and strategic ministering methods to His servants and for much fruit to be borne among Turkic peoples.
  • Pray that workers would be continually sustained and refreshed in their work, always ready with a word of truth and joy.


One day, out of the blue, it occurred to Sue that she should pray for three of her Turkish Muslim friends to encounter Jesus through dreams and visions. She often prays this prayer for Muslims in general and for her friends in particular, so this notion was not out of the ordinary for her.

A few days later, she received a text from Adile, one of the friends she had prayed for. Adile is a conservative Muslim woman who has been part of a group doing Discovery Bible Study (DBS) with Raleigh. And she had seen Jesus in a vision!

While doing the prescribed prostrations for Islamic prayer, Jesus appeared and spoke to Adile. “The road [you are all on] is not wrong,” he said, “but a good step still has not been taken. Reading Scripture is not sharing Scripture. How are you


Watch the video and pray along with us.