*Danny and *Holly were at their favorite Thai open-air market on Christmas Day. When they gave the market’s parking attendant some gingerbread biscotti, he was very confused. Still new to the language, the couple tried their best to explain that gingerbread was a popular flavor in their home country at this time of year. They explained that the cookies were good with coffee and wished him a Merry Christmas.

The attendant was utterly confused. Why were these people giving him a gift on this “random” day? Thankfully, his daughter, *Botum, who owned a nearby stand at the market, came to explain. Learning she spoke perfect English and noticing the Christmas music coming from her stall, Danny and Holly asked if she celebrated Christmas. Botum explained, “I am a Buddhist, but I celebrate Christmas.” 

When visiting the market a few days later, Danny and Holly learned that Botum’s father had never received a Christmas gift before and had happily shared the biscotti with his grandchildren. Botum sent them home with some of her delicious food and even offered to teach Danny and Holly to make some traditional foods.

The following week, Botum’s cooking lesson produced three delicious dishes and a new relationship. Please pray for these new friends and that Botum and her family will want to hear more about Jesus and become his followers.