Revitalized Vision for Reaching the Lost

Revitalized Vision for Reaching the Lost

Recently Greg* and one of his local partners started meeting with a group of tribal believers to cast vision for multiplying disciples, and encourage them to obey Jesus’ commission in Matthew 28. Many of these precious brothers and sisters are farmers and laborers, some of whom trek over six miles through the forest and over steep hills to meet in a church building made of mud and thatch. 

Starting with Old Testament Scripture, Greg and his partner showed how Father God’s heart has longed for all peoples and nations from the beginning. They shared how Jesus lived his life as a pattern for us to follow, then gave his disciples the responsibility of the Great Commission. By the third visit, they sensed the people were accepting their responsibility to obey Jesus. Greg asked what experiences they’d recently had in trying to share the Good News with unbelievers. 

One young man stood up and said, “Brother, I am only a simple mason. I don’t know much. But after you shared about the simple ways we can engage those around us in conversation, I had an opportunity. On the job that day, rather than taking along friends I already knew, I purposely asked my boss to choose people to work with me. The two men I ended up with were brothers. They come from a nearby town that has few or no believers. When they saw my behavior and that I was not chewing “gutka” (the local tobacco-like substance), they asked me why. This started a conversation about how my life has changed. These brothers were impressed with my testimony and invited me to visit them at their home. This town is new for us, and my wife and I are praying for a chance to go meet with these men and their families to share the Good News.” 

After that brother sat down, Greg pointed out that since they live among so many unreached people, their places of work and the activities of their daily lives can provide many opportunities to share the Good News. Everyone accepted the challenge of finding new people and places to share the Good News before meeting again. When the local pastor stood to pray, he told Jesus they wanted to share with many people and asked Jesus to show them all how and where to find persons of peace. 

Pray for this group of energized followers to be directed by the Spirit and to have rich and fruitful conversations with many in their communities. Ask that these conversations would lead to Bible studies and new generations of multiplying disciples.


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When Tradition Clashes: A Story of Humility and Discovery

When Tradition Clashes: A Story of Humility and Discovery

When a Christian woman visited another state in India last year, she met some believers from the North India movement. She was attracted to the simple way they love and obey Jesus and wondered if they could help her and her husband with their ministry in Goa. She called Sanjay* to ask if he would train some of their church people in this “new” approach to discipling. He readily agreed.

Here’s a translation of Sanjay’s trip report:

I went to a lady’s house. They didn’t know me. I didn’t know them. They thought I was coming to show off like other ministry leaders. They asked where I was going to sleep that night. I can sleep in your house; the floor is fine. They didn’t expect that. [I could see that the woman ] distrusted me [because I didn’t act the way a typical minister would]. I lived simply. I didn’t need the fancy chair, special introduction, or fancy treatment. I came to work, not for a holiday or to be honored.

We had the meeting. Many people came, especially ladies. I shared about [the importance of having spiritual] generations, making disciples, DBS [discovery Bible study], and working with the poor, even without money. They loved it. 

But the woman looked very disturbed. I can tell you are angry, I said. What is the problem? She said she felt judged by all I had shared. I had stressed things they hadn’t done. I am not judging you, I replied. I am just looking at what Jesus commanded us to do. Nothing else.  

After our conversation, she decided this was good teaching. But her husband didn’t like any of it. He wanted me to be like other Christian leaders. He thought I must be trying to trick or cheat them because [my presentation] wasn’t nice or fancy, and I didn’t want special treatment.

The husband and wife talked after lunch. I learned later that the man was so angry with his wife for changing her mind about me and this work that he slapped her face.

After lunch, we met with a different group. Again, I spoke about generational growth, disciple-making, and DBS. The husband was resistant to the end. He said, Tell us how much you will pay us, and then we will do this work. I told him, If you work for the Lord, the Lord will pay you. I will not.

The Lord gave me an idea. I asked, Would any of you like to know more about this work? A few said Yes. When it was time to leave, I gave the man and his wife a small gift of money as thanks for my stay. I welcomed them to contact me if they want to pursue this work. I also told them that a few people wanted to know more. Since no one is getting paid, the man agreed that I could work directly with the interested ones [bypassing him]. 

I thank the Lord. Through this man who’s not good-hearted, the Lord connected me with eight sincere people. This month, I will do some online training with them, and I will return and continue to train those applying what they learn.

Talk about obeying Jesus’ new command! Sanjay didn’t shy away from the woman when he saw her upset. He pressed in. In doing so, he obeyed Christ’s command to love as He loves. Please join us in praying for this husband and wife in Goa. Pray, too, for these eight people eager to apply what they heard. May they bear abundant, lasting fruit.


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More Baptisms, the Fruit of Persecution

More Baptisms, the Fruit of Persecution

On behalf of the disciple-making movement in North India, Ethan* and Nicole* report:

“We’ve shared much with you about the persecution faced by the churches in India. Our last report was especially hard. It hurt to share the news about the woman’s martyrdom, and it probably hurt you to read it. 

“Recently. we heard from Sanjay* concerning the status of the work for January. More people received baptism in January, and more house churches were established than during the last six months of 2022. Six months’ fruit in just one month! How?!

“Here’s what Sanjay said:

“‘By God’s grace, we are experiencing intense persecution, but the work has increased! One thing we’ve seen is people more quickly want baptism and to be identified with Jesus. Before, we were often baptizing in larger groups [20, 30, even 50 people] in localized gatherings. With persecution, we need baptisms happening in every home, and [the people] want it quickly. They no longer wait until [another] community is ready to join them in a baptism event. Now they just get it done. They don’t need to wait for those larger baptism events, and they really can’t gather like that anymore [anyway]. It’s too visible.’

“In other words, in response to persecution, leaders are choosing to move ahead and quickly do what’s commanded (‘baptize them’ in Matt. 28:19). They feel the urgency of obedience. And the new disciples are feeling the same urgency.

“Early in the Gospels, we see this same urgency. Jesus gave responsibility and authority to His disciples (who knew very little) to baptize others. [Jesus] ‘was making and baptizing more disciples than John (though Jesus Himself was not baptizing, but His disciples were)’ (John 4:1-2, bold mine).

“Our brothers and sisters in India don’t want you to elevate them or raise them up as heroes. They are normal people, with families, jobs, and the concerns and stresses of life. They are simply obedient to the commands of Jesus.

“Please celebrate with us what God is doing in India — what only He can do — and also pray for these brothers and sisters. It’s a daily battle there. I am not talking about a battle between religions. I am talking about the battle to obey Jesus, love Him, and persevere and love one’s enemy when faced with beating, arrest, even death. To live out Hebrews 10:36-39 requires God’s abundant grace, every day. What a relief, that what is impossible with us is possible with God.”


Ethan* and Nicole* receive almost daily messages from Sanjay* and John* about the persecution the disciples and house churches face. The hardest of these messages was that a lady was martyred. She and read more …

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Remember Gia, the Determined New Disciple?

Remember Gia, the Determined New Disciple?

Gia* knocked on Samir’s* door. “I am Gia, a cousin of Bahar.* I am a village chief of Azville,* and now I am a disciple of Jesus. I believe that our Father is the Father of unity, not disunity. I believe there are hundreds of people in my village who are ready to become followers of Jesus too. I don’t want you to tell my people about Jesus. It is my duty to tell them, and I passionately want to, but I don’t know how. Please train me on how to reach my village.”

Over the next several hours, Gia told Samir her story: about her love for Jesus and her desire to reach her whole village. She repeatedly stressed that she didn’t want outsiders to do the work, but that she and her family wanted to share the Good News.

Later that day, Samir messaged Frank* about Gia’s visit: “I have learned throughout our training and coaching times about looking for and staying with the person of peace. This is key. In Azville, the other Christians didn’t understand the importance of Luke 10. Instead of looking for the person of peace and staying with that family, they went from house to house and ended up creating a fight in Gia’s village. They caused disunity, thus they lost the opportunity to share the Good News. This makes me very sad.… But the Father has used this to teach me the importance of Luke 10. And now, Gia is ready to be trained and lead her village to Jesus. She doesn’t want to lean on us or any others. She wants to share the gospel herself. And I believe the Father is going to use this situation to see many, many churches started in this area.”

Through sharing her testimony and having spiritual conversations with people, Gia has seen several people choose to become followers of Jesus. At Gia’s request, Samir and his co-laborers traveled to her village. They encouraged her with the story of the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4) who reached her village without any training, simply because she met Jesus. Gia received mp3 speakers loaded with Bible stories, so she and others can listen as a group, apply what they learn in practical steps of obedience, and share it with others. 


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Where Two Kingdoms Collide

Where Two Kingdoms Collide

Persecution has been a common trial for many, if not most, of the movement churches in north India for the past ten years, but it has significantly increased these last three months. Ethan* and Nicole* receive almost daily messages from Sanjay* and John* about the persecution the disciples and house churches face. The hardest of these messages was that a lady was martyred. She and her husband (and their two young boys) were active disciple-makers. One day, while meeting with others for a prayer meeting in a home, a mob stormed the house and brutally beat all who were there. She was hospitalized for weeks due to her extensive injuries and passed away on January 11th. They believe this is the movement’s first female martyr.

Ethan and Nicole recently shared: “Jesus said the gates of hell wouldn’t be able to stand against God’s Kingdom. This is what we’re seeing.” As God’s children in India go to their neighbors, relatives, and even their enemies, the gates of hell are falling. Yes, the place where the two kingdoms collide is a battlefield, but we know that eventually, God’s Kingdom will prevail. God’s Kingdom will be established in every tribe, tongue, and every ethnic group on earth. Hallelujah! What a relief to know the outcome! In the interim, though, battles are fought. But, in the middle of what sometimes feels only like chaos and darkness, we receive voice messages like this one:

” ‘…It is true that we are very worried…’ But we all know it is very important to have all this [suffering]. It is necessary to fill up the work of the Lord. For the last few months, we have seen a lot of persecution. But [we’re] also seeing that the number of house churches is filling up every day because when the persecution is going on, many people who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ ask, “Why are these people being killed?” And when [the persecutors] tell those who do not know the Lord that these people are being persecuted because they believe in Jesus Christ, the ones who are [watching], who perhaps used to be neutral, begin to wonder at what they are seeing. They wonder that people can continue to love the Lord even after persecution, even after being badly beaten. They wonder why believing in Jesus should matter so much, and so they ask to know more. And so, in this way, the work is quickly being accomplished… And also, [in addition to this great fruit of growth, we must remember that] we are witnesses of these things. We who are strong should continue to help the weak in these days – during these events, as the Holy Scripture tells us.”

Ethan and Nicole continue, “Our friends in India have such amazing, enduring faith. They continue to press on. We recently received news of more than 500 baptisms! That’s only a sampling of all that God is doing.”  

“Please pray with us, as the early church did … now, Lord, consider their threats, and grant that Your slaves may speak Your message with complete boldness, while You stretch out Your hand for healing, signs, and wonders to be performed through the name of Your holy Servant Jesus.” When they had prayed, the place where they were assembled was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak God’s message with boldness. (Acts 4:29-31).

“There’s no revenge thinking in Acts 4. No hatred toward the persecutors. Only a request for God to move, and that His children would respond with obedient boldness. Amen and amen.”


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