Crazy Ideas in the Smoking Cafe

Crazy Ideas in the Smoking Cafe

Karl was discussing the Sermon on the Mount with two young Muslim men in a smoking cafe. The Scriptures on blessings were easy for them to accept. Things became more troublesome when they read about murder, adultery, and divorce. 

“Those Scriptures had their proverbial ‘boat’ rocking a bit,” says Karl, “but when we got to the passages about loving your enemies, their ‘boat’ almost capsized! In the ‘Shame-Honor’ culture where we live, the idea of turning the other cheek is not only foreign but is considered shameful. You punch the tuk-tuk driver if he bumps you; you fight if someone insults you. You do whatever it takes to keep shame away and maintain your honor.

“When we read about loving your enemies, my friends were astonished. How can people love their enemies and even pray for their persecutors? Lots of crazy things are said in cafes while drinking tea and smoking shisha, but these ideas were over the top! 

“As we walked through these Scriptures, I asked questions like: ‘What does this teach us about God? What do we learn about people and ourselves? If this is true, how will you apply God’s truth this week?’ These were tough questions for my young Muslim friends.”

The hunger for truth and hope is very great in the young men where Karl lives. Please pray for God’s word to penetrate their hearts and minds. Pray they realize God’s word is alive and active and can change them eternally.



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God’s Ideas Open Doors

God’s Ideas Open Doors

Danish* has been involved with some churches in the Arab world for over 30 years. By God’s grace, they have accepted him as a spiritual father figure. For the last five or six years, he has been talking to them about and training them in strategies for disciple-making movements (DMM).

When he first brought up DMM practices, the people were resistant to receiving them, but because of their trust and long-standing relationship with Danish, they listened politely.

“Time after time,” Danish declares, “the Lord has given me new approaches for presenting DMM based on the biblical text.”

For these churches, the Lord showed Danish something in the Book of Acts. Danish explains: “Who started the early church? The Jerusalem church. It was the church that took the gospel to the Gentiles. Yes, it was not easy. Yes, they waited for 14 years — they delayed their mission to start the gospel among the Gentiles. But in the end, they did. This is the idea the Lord gave to me, and I tell it to every traditional local church there. ‘DMM is not replacing you; you are here as the Jerusalem mother church. And you can send people from your side to the “Gentiles” – considering the people groups near you as the “Gentiles.”’

“Through this approach, they started to receive it and to obey… Sometimes the Lord gives me ideas that open the doors.”

After decades of praying with them, investing in them, and giving them many training sessions, there is new growth in the church. They are appointing people to reach the Unreached around them. They are taking the initiative and seeing fruit — many people are coming to the Lord! 


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“I am Jesus Christ Who Loves You”

“I am Jesus Christ Who Loves You”

A woman from a strong Islamic family attended the most recent Disciple Making Movement training Danish* held. She had previously hated everything about Christianity. She had even been a militant fighter from her people group, and wished to see all Christians dead. 

But God started talking with her through a friend who shared about Jesus, through a Discovery Bible Study (DBS)-type approach. The woman completely resisted all messages about Jesus. 

Then after a while, another friend approached her with a DBS. Because of the things she was hearing, she decided to fast during Ramadan to protect herself from the “evil thoughts” of Christianity. 

During her fast, she started to “hear in her ear” about God’s love, and how He sent his Son to save all the world. She didn’t know these were verses from the Bible, but she heard them over and over in her spirit.

Then one night, while she was lying in bed, she saw a huge light come into her room. Suddenly, she saw Christ! She was shaken and afraid. 

“Who are you?” she asked.

“I am Jesus Christ, who loves you,” He said, “and who you do not yet love.”

She woke up, left her room and went outside in an attempt to shake off what had just happened, but Jesus revealed himself to her two or three more times. 

Today, this woman leads many other ladies who share Discovery Bible Studies from place to place. She is a strong tool for God’s work in an area with many hostile influences trying to undermine the gospel.


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