Harto* is a Muslim man who encountered Jesus through a discipleship process with Shawn*. Harto was interested in becoming a disciple of Jesus and was even considering being baptized.

Then Harto’s family found out about his studies. He has not met with Shawn since they found out.

Harto’s story illustrates why it is so important for seekers to bring their family and friends to hear what the Bible says about Jesus. That way, no one is removed or ostracized from their closest relationships. Instead, whole relational groups (oikos) explore together.

And it’s biblical! The book of Acts records over 30 instances of people becoming followers of Jesus; only three describe a person coming to Christ as an individual. In all the other instances, a large or small community became followers of Jesus as a group.

If a person’s oikos is not willing to engage with the Bible, the seeker should show love and be patient, letting their testimony be a witness of God’s goodness and power to save.

This is why movements are often slow to begin but can then experience rapid growth as entire families come to Christ.