One team of disciple-makers in Indonesia had been praying and pondering how they could send out more national workers to unreached areas. They already had ten couples who were eager and ready to go. Those couples even had work platforms once they arrived among the unreached people groups they wanted to focus on. The question was: “How do we pay for their move and get them set up in a new place?”

Help came in the form of a timely training on generosity, passed on to them by their mentors. They, in turn, shared it with the house churches under their care. Those disciples prayed, then responded in obedience. They began to give generously. 

Together they raised two-thirds of the needed expenses. Then, when the original trainer heard about their faithful giving, he agreed to fund the remaining amount. All ten of the couples were soon among their unreached people groups.

After one year, the team leaders evaluated how things were going. They are happy to report that over 80 groups of believers — over 750 people — are meeting together to study God’s word. A few of those ten couples, along with their local teammates, have seen fruit to the fifth generation and beyond! That means new movements have been birthed among previously unreached areas!

How good it is when the church obeys 2 Timothy 2:2 by passing on godly training and the Good News of Jesus! “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrusted to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.”

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