Sue spent a couple of days with a young woman, Burcu, who had been trained in Disciple Making Movements.  Burcu wanted to serve in some way. 

Together Sue and Burcu shared Scriptures and Bible stories with Zehra, the owner of a hair salon who showed interest in learning more about Jesus. Zehra had been through a lot of challenges and rough times in her life, but what piqued her interest in Jesus was mainly the hypocrisy she sees in the majority faith in her country. Zehra is searching for truth and love. On hearing the stories of Jesus, Zehra had many questions which Burcu answered eloquently. Sue marveled and was encouraged by how well Burcu answered Zehra’s questions. 

Shortly after they had prayed for Zehra, she reported that she had had a peaceful dream of a man dressed in white who tenderly and gently touched her. Sue is looking forward to what the Father is going to do next in Zehra’s life. May she be like the Samaritan woman at the well who ran to tell everyone about her encounter with Jesus.

Please pray for deep wisdom for Sue on how to move forward in her relationships with both Burcu and Zehra. Pray that the Spirit would be powerfully upon both women, bringing people of peace to their respective workplaces. Pray that Burcu would start Discovery study groups among the people in her neighborhood.


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