Wife Beater to Jesus Follower

Wife Beater to Jesus Follower

Nur had an anger problem. Almost daily, he would say degrading and vile things to his wife. One day, he went a step further and landed a few punches on his defenseless wife. Fearfully, she fled to her parents’ house, and the police arrested Nur.

When his wife refused to press charges, Nur was released. Filled with humiliation and deep remorse, he returned to his empty house.

Sam and Nancy visited Nur. They listened patiently, then said, “Nur, what you did is inexcusable. You must change, and real change starts on the inside. Study about the prophets and Jesus with us and ask God to change you.”

Like a starving man, Nur devoured the Scriptures and sought to apply them to his life. He put aside his Islamic beliefs and decided to follow Jesus as his Savior and Lord.

Though she was still living with her parents, Nur’s wife observed the change in him. When he invited her to come back home, she cautiously agreed. Nur gathered his son and daughter-in-law, and the four of them studied the same prophet and Jesus stories under the mentorship of Sam and Nancy.

They have all come to faith, been baptized, and now meet as a house church.


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Crazy Ideas in the Smoking Cafe

Crazy Ideas in the Smoking Cafe

Karl was discussing the Sermon on the Mount with two young Muslim men in a smoking cafe. The Scriptures on blessings were easy for them to accept. Things became more troublesome when they read about murder, adultery, and divorce. 

“Those Scriptures had their proverbial ‘boat’ rocking a bit,” says Karl, “but when we got to the passages about loving your enemies, their ‘boat’ almost capsized! In the ‘Shame-Honor’ culture where we live, the idea of turning the other cheek is not only foreign but is considered shameful. You punch the tuk-tuk driver if he bumps you; you fight if someone insults you. You do whatever it takes to keep shame away and maintain your honor.

“When we read about loving your enemies, my friends were astonished. How can people love their enemies and even pray for their persecutors? Lots of crazy things are said in cafes while drinking tea and smoking shisha, but these ideas were over the top! 

“As we walked through these Scriptures, I asked questions like: ‘What does this teach us about God? What do we learn about people and ourselves? If this is true, how will you apply God’s truth this week?’ These were tough questions for my young Muslim friends.”

The hunger for truth and hope is very great in the young men where Karl lives. Please pray for God’s word to penetrate their hearts and minds. Pray they realize God’s word is alive and active and can change them eternally.



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A Knock on the Door

A Knock on the Door

Kuts* is a regional team leader. One day, Kuts prayed that the Lord would lead him to a person or persons of peace. It was then he met Mr. Bee*. 

Mr. Bee seemed eager to hear about Isa (Jesus) and began reading scripture with Kuts. After a while, Mrs. Bee and their daughter joined their studies. Over the course of a year, there were many obstacles to this family coming to faith. One barrier was that Mr. Bee saw Isa (Jesus) merely as a prophet, just as Mohammad was. His inability to see Isa as more than a prophet stalled his spiritual growth.

Several weeks later, Kuts and his team of workers met to discuss disciple-making principles and the importance of following up with promising contacts. They were ready to start their meeting when there was a knock at the door. Kuts was surprised to see Mr. Bee but felt he should welcome him in, even though the team had only a few hours to cover many important issues.

Mr. Bee took a seat, and Kuts asked if there was something he was thankful for. Mr. Bee shared about a portion of scripture he had read in the Injil (New Testament). He was confused by the use of sheep in the passage and by a vivid dream he’d had shortly after reading the scriptures. In the dream, he stood in an open field with hundreds of sheep. (Sheep are almost non-existent in this part of the country; there are only goats). He heard a voice telling him to care for these sheep. Bee asked Kuts what it could mean and what the Injil was describing.  

In the team’s presence, they opened God’s word and read several passages where Jesus used sheep in illustrations and where He was mentioned as the Good Shepherd. After reading, Kuts asked Bee what he thought his dreams meant. Bee said it seemed clear that Isa was telling him to tell others about the salvation He offers and that he (Bee) should care for and lead these new sheep.

Before Bee left, the team prayed for him and said they would visit him at his house in a couple of days.

The Lord had convinced Mr. Bee of His deity and sovereignty and gave him a mandate to spread the Good News of the gospel. Additionally, what the team witnessed that night was a tremendous encouragement. God renewed their passion to find and disciple those He had prepared.


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Jesus Heals as is Written in the Qur’an

Jesus Heals as is Written in the Qur’an

As you may have recently read, Charlie and Sarah had been walking through a season of discouragement. One morning, Sarah asked the Lord to show her that He was still at work.

“Later that same day,” Sarah recalls, “another friend went with Charlie and me to look for persons of peace (as in Luke 10) in a mountain village where we hike. It was drizzling, so not many people were out. But as we rounded a corner, two ladies waved energetically at us and invited us into their home, just before a downpour hit. 

“It turned out that we had met one of them previously. A few weeks ago, Charlie and I had been hiking and had come upon a lady curled up on the side of the road with her husband sitting beside her. Her back had given out as she climbed the hill with her heavy load. We stopped to pray for her in Jesus’ name, but had to resume our hike since we were an hour from our car and sunset was rapidly approaching.

“This was the same lady, Ibu Muli, in whose home we now sat. She told us that immediately after the prayer, her back had been healed, and she was able to carry her load home. Her back hadn’t bothered her since. ‘Are you Muslims?’ she asked. ‘No,’ we replied, ‘We are followers of Isa (Jesus), who can heal the sick as it is written in the Qur’an.’ 

“God had been at work a month or more before I had uttered my prayer. And here was a lady open to hearing about Isa, because God had healed her.”

“Please pray for Ibu Muli and her uncle, who gives the call to prayer at the local mosque. They agree with everything we say, but she insists we must be good Muslims, because of all the truths we speak. We will keep returning to her village and joining God in His work. Pray for the Holy Spirit to give them a thirst for God and an openness to hear about Jesus.


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“I’d Hit Them Back!”

“I’d Hit Them Back!”

As Job* sipped hot tea and puffed on his cigarette, he asked, “Did Jesus really say, ‘Turn the other cheek’?” 

“Yes, he did,” Frank* replied. “He also said if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well. And if anyone makes you carry their stuff for one mile, carry it for two miles.” (Matthew 5:38-41) 

“Do you think he was being literal?!” questioned Job. 

“That’s a great question. What do you think?” 

“I’m not sure it’s possible to ‘turn the other cheek.’” Job responded. “Why would someone do that? If someone hit me, I’d hit them back.”

Job peppered Frank with honest questions about Jesus and Christianity for several hours. Job is from a minority Muslim people group that has experienced a great deal of repression and persecution. 

Job teared up as he said his goodbyes. “I just can’t believe the statement about ‘turning the other cheek.’ If [my people] turned the other cheek … we wouldn’t be around anymore. These ancient churches are empty because Christians turned their cheeks. Look at the [other people groups who used to live here]. Where are they now? They turned the other cheek, and they are no more. I can never turn my cheek.” 

Frank sensed that Job wasn’t seeking answers but only wanted to express his pain. So Frank simply said, “I understand your feelings. Let’s talk more about this next time.” 

Since then, Job and Frank have begun reading the Bible together. Pray that the Father would continue to draw Job to Himself and that Job would become an obedient disciple of Jesus. Ask God to bless Frank with spiritual wisdom and to use him to start a disciple-making movement among this Unreached group.