New Seeds of Faith in Unreached Areas

New Seeds of Faith in Unreached Areas

Frank and his team have been praying for their friend, Job. Through many conversations and a personal experience with Jesus, Job decided to follow Jesus last summer (read about Job’s conversion story here). Job has slowly been sharing his faith with his family and friends, including Samuel. At the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, Samuel downloaded a Bible app in his language and expressed interest in hosting a discovery group with Job in his bookstore. They are currently looking for a third and fourth person to join them.

In another village where Frank works, Kartik and his wife, Pari, invited Samir and his father, Nuh, to visit a friend who lives in a distant village where there hasn’t been any gospel work. (Read that story here.) While in the village, Kartik and Pari shared their testimony about their recent journey to faith in Jesus. They explained how they put their faith in Jesus after their young daughter was miraculously freed from demons. This was the first time the village chief and the villagers had heard about Jesus. They were amazed and wanted to know more.

Later, Nuh visited Ramzi’s village. Ramzi had severe high blood pressure, irregular blood sugar levels, and intense shaking. His neighbor told him that Nuh could pray for him. Interested in receiving prayer, Ramzi invited Nuh to his home. With Ramzi’s whole family as an audience, Nuh prayed for him in Jesus’ name. Immediately and miraculously, Ramzi’s symptoms improved. Now, Ramzi and his family are eager to listen to stories about Jesus together.

Soon after Ramzi’s healing, he told his friend Adil, who also had health issues, about what happened. Adil asked Ramzi if Nuh could come pray for him too. Nuh visited and prayed for Adil, who also received healing. Praise God! 

How you can pray for these new disciples: 

  • Pray for Job and Samuel’s friends and family to become interested in discovering more about God, and join the new discovery group.
  • Pray that discovery groups will start in this new village where Kartik and Pari shared their testimony. Pray that their family will continue to grow in their faith.
  • Please pray for discovery groups to start in both Ramzi’s and Adil’s homes.



“I have some great news to tell you,” Job shared with Frank over the phone. “I’m ready to follow Jesus!” Thrilled to hear this good news read more …

Samir* liked to talk with people about Jesus. So, noticing Frank’s* social media account, he left a message and hoped this stranger would reply. read more …

“I’m tired,” wept Sunil* as he explained to Gia* and Samir* all the things he had done to appease the evil spirits and bring good luck for his family. read more

A Dream of a Man in Dressed in White

A Dream of a Man in Dressed in White

Sue spent a couple of days with a young woman, Burcu, who had been trained in Disciple Making Movements.  Burcu wanted to serve in some way. 

Together Sue and Burcu shared Scriptures and Bible stories with Zehra, the owner of a hair salon who showed interest in learning more about Jesus. Zehra had been through a lot of challenges and rough times in her life, but what piqued her interest in Jesus was mainly the hypocrisy she sees in the majority faith in her country. Zehra is searching for truth and love. On hearing the stories of Jesus, Zehra had many questions which Burcu answered eloquently. Sue marveled and was encouraged by how well Burcu answered Zehra’s questions. 

Shortly after they had prayed for Zehra, she reported that she had had a peaceful dream of a man dressed in white who tenderly and gently touched her. Sue is looking forward to what the Father is going to do next in Zehra’s life. May she be like the Samaritan woman at the well who ran to tell everyone about her encounter with Jesus.

Please pray for deep wisdom for Sue on how to move forward in her relationships with both Burcu and Zehra. Pray that the Spirit would be powerfully upon both women, bringing people of peace to their respective workplaces. Pray that Burcu would start Discovery study groups among the people in her neighborhood.


Knowing that it’s generally better to baptize someone together with their closest community, the women pondered whether read more …

 Muslims give thanks after a meal, not before. Besides, she knows we are followers of Jesus Christ. How is it that she wants us to pray? read more …

“But we also look for signs that God is drawing someone. One sign we look for is someone who has seen Jesus or “a man in white” read more …

Muslim Background Believers Need Our Prayers

Muslim Background Believers Need Our Prayers

In February of this year, several key leaders met to discuss critical challenges and hurdles impacting disciple-making efforts in a Muslim majority country. Attendees discussed the intricacies of the discovery process, the significance of directing attention toward spiritual generations to come, and the essence of what constitutes a church. Two disciple-makers shared the impact of those meetings and some items for prayer:

From Passively Learning to Becoming a Multiplying Disciple-Maker
*Rafiq had attended an in-person discipleship training 18 months ago. While he seemed to appreciate the training at the time, Rafiq did not put into practice what he had learned. 

This February, Rafiq returned for further training. Two weeks after the February training, a significant change occurred in Rafiq. This Muslim-background disciple courageously invited a few of his Muslim friends to study together about Jesus. His friends agreed and two new groups were started, going through Bible stories from Creation to Christ! Praise God for taking hold of Rafiq’s heart and turning him into a healthy disciple who makes more healthy disciples.

Please pray that these new groups would personally experience Jesus and actively share what they learn with their family and friends, in order to start more groups. Pray also that these new groups would become the foundation of new churches. Join us in praying specifically for unwavering obedience in the face of potential persecution, especially during the upcoming month of Ramadan. The evil one has come to steal, kill and destroy, BUT Jesus came to bring life in abundance.  

Remember *Gia, the Determined Disciple?
Gia lit up the room in the February training with news of the more-than-40 first-generation discovery groups and churches that she and her cousin helped start. Praise God for Gia’s determined, focused efforts in making disciples! The group rejoiced to hear about the groups Gia initiated, but the true cause for celebration lay in the cascading effect of her groups giving rise to new ones.

During the training, Frank the movement catalyst focused on the essence of healthy discipleship – the reproduction of disciples who, in turn, multiply into subsequent generations. He emphasized not merely cultivating spiritual “children” but rather fostering “grandchildren” and “great-grandchildren” – a vision of multigenerational disciple-making. 

Now Gia knows that focusing on her “great grand-children is indeed a better way to share with everyone about the God who changed her life completely and can change theirs too! She has been telling her first generation groups to start groups, and we praise God that five new second generation groups have started just since the training!

When the word of God transforms someone’s life they can’t help but share it.

Gia and her team are putting into practice the biblical principles of multiplication and are effectively making healthy new disciples who make new disciples.

Pray for these new second generation groups. Ask that the groups be transformed as they listen to the word of God, obey God’s commands in their everyday life, and then boldly share the news with others. 



“It is my duty to tell them, and I passionately want to, but I don’t know how. Please train me on how to reach my read more …

After she became Jesus’ disciple, Gia* began to share her testimony with others in her village. Her testimony and  read more …

They went door-to-door, passing out Bibles in foreign languages and offering free meals worth far more  read more …

“I Am Ready!”

“I Am Ready!”

“I have some great news to tell you,” Job shared with Frank over the phone. “I’m ready to follow Jesus!” 

Thrilled to hear this good news, Frank invited Job and his wife Sarah over for dinner later that evening to celebrate and hear the rest of the story. Since then Job has invited his friend, Chris, to also discover God. Chris said,”Yes,” he is interested in reading the Bible and learning about Jesus. Now the two men are looking for a third person to join them in a new discovery Bible study!

Behind the scenes, over the past year, Job heard the good news, met followers of Jesus for the first time, and began reading the Bible. He was interested, but he wasn’t ready to make a commitment to obey and follow Jesus. 

Then, during the Sacrifice Holiday (Eid Al Adha) this past June, when you and hundreds of  other people were praying for the Muslim world, Job made a decision to follow Jesus. 

When God’s people pray for the lost, He responds. 



She often prays this prayer for Muslims in general and for her friends in particular, so this notion was not out of the ordinary for her  read more …

Knowing that it’s generally better to baptize someone together with their closest community, the women pondered whether to wait for Havva’s husband to  read more …

The Turkic peoples are part of old and proud civilizations that have spanned continents and learn more …

Who is Stronger? Jesus or Black Magic …

Who is Stronger? Jesus or Black Magic …

“I’m tired,” wept Sunil* as he explained to Gia* and Samir* all the things he had done to appease the evil spirits and bring good luck for his family. “Every time I’ve seen a sacred tree with ribbons tied on it, I’ve gone and bowed down to worship the tree spirits and the gods. I bought expensive hens from the village witch doctor who told me that they would bring good luck to my family. The black magic, the hens, the worship of the spirits…. nothing has worked!” 

Sunil continued, “But then, I saw some people in our village listening to the Jesus stories. They stopped practicing black magic and stopped bowing down to the sacred trees. I watched and waited for them to be cursed by the gods and the evil spirits. To my surprise, they weren’t cursed! Instead, they were happy and peaceful. Please tell me more about this Jesus!” 

Gia shared with Sunil and his family the good news of Jesus, the one who is stronger than black magic. Sunil and his family also began listening to audio recordings of the Jesus stories and discovered who Jesus is. Recently, all five in Sunil’s family decided to follow Jesus and leave behind black magic. Join us in praising the Father for this new family of disciples!

Pray for Sunil and his family as they walk in this new journey of discipleship. Ask that their lives would be transformed by the power of the gospel, that they would obediently apply what they are learning, and that they would begin sharing with their neighbors and friends the good news they have discovered. 


They didn’t know the local culture, local practices, or the local language. Although they most likely had good intentions, their visits caused much division. read more …

Gia* knocked on Samir’s* door. “I am Gia, a cousin of Bahar.* I am a village chief of Azville,* and now  read more …

Natalie* and her friends followed the promptings of the Holy Spirit and traveled to a new town in the large Muslim nation where they live. read more …