One day as Sue* and her friend sat down at a freshly laid food table, their West Asian host asked, “Will you pray for our breakfast?” 

“My friend and I were surprised,” says Sue, “because generally, Muslims give thanks after a meal, not before. Besides, she knows we are followers of Jesus Christ. How is it that she wants us to pray? I was caught off guard but happily obliged her request, awkwardly stumbling over my prayer in the local language due to my lingering shock.

Earlier that morning, Sue had been praying for this woman, her family, and the visit they were about to have. Sue asked God for a specific story to share from the Word, and He brought to mind the story of the woman caught in adultery. When she told the story, the host’s sister recognized it, even filling in a part of the story. The sister said she had heard the story in school, but when Sue asked another local friend about it, she was pretty sure no stories about Jesus were ever taught in the religion classes at school. “Could the sister have done some reading on her own?” Sue wondered.

Attempting to ascertain how spiritually hungry the two sisters might be, Sue led them in a mini-Discovery Bible study to draw out lessons learned from the story and ways to apply them. 

“We had a good conversation about the story,” Sue says, “but the real joy was hearing a few days later that our host had remembered and liked the story enough to share it with another foreign friend.

Before leaving, Sue and her friend offered to pray for healing for one of the sister’s kidneys. “As soon as we laid hands on her, without even uttering a word of prayer, she startled and broke out in goosebumps. She had been impacted by the power of the Spirit! After the prayer she not only felt at peace but our host pointed out that she really perked up and had much more energy. Praise the Father for touching her and showing up in power!

Please join us in praying for a miracle of healing and that she and their whole family might start doing Discovery Bible studies together, obeying and sharing as they learn.”



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