One of our field teams shares a recent lesson:

“Our number one prayer is to see God start a movement of reproducing disciples and churches within each of the unreached people groups of Indonesia. As we seek God in this endeavor, one red-letter verse stands out:

“No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up on the last day.” – John 6:44

“So, does this mean that if God isn’t drawing someone, all our efforts to reach them are in vain? Absolutely! Jesus said that nobody can come to him unless the Father draws them. Because of this, we often ask God to show us who He is drawing. We ask the Holy Spirit to show us where to go, who to engage with, and even what to say.

“But we also look for signs that God is drawing someone. One sign we look for is someone who has seen Jesus or “a man in white” in a dream or vision. 

“One of our coworkers recently met a woman and her daughter who had simultaneous encounters with a man in white. The mother’s vision came as she had simply been sitting in her house while her daughter slept. When the daughter awoke, she told her mother that she dreamt about a man in white. In both the vision and the dream, the man in white told them that they must receive Him.

“Another sign of God’s movement that we look for is miracles — especially healings.

“You may have read about how God used our prayers to heal a woman with an injured back.

“Since then, we have shared several Bible stories with this woman and several of her family members. We regularly visit this mountain village for the chance to talk with other people as well.

“On a recent trip, a woman waved us over while pointing at her shoulder. Apparently, she had heard of the healing and wanted us to pray for her shoulder. We explained that we didn’t heal anyone. It was faith in Isa al Masih that heals. She immediately held out her hands in a posture of prayer and asked us how she could pray herself. 

“Jesus’ fame seems to be spreading in this mountainside village. Please continue to pray for these two women and their families. Ask God to pour out his Spirit through dreams and healings. Pray especially that many would want to truly follow our Jesus who heals.”

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