Frank and his team have been praying for their friend, Job. Through many conversations and a personal experience with Jesus, Job decided to follow Jesus last summer (read about Job’s conversion story here). Job has slowly been sharing his faith with his family and friends, including Samuel. At the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, Samuel downloaded a Bible app in his language and expressed interest in hosting a discovery group with Job in his bookstore. They are currently looking for a third and fourth person to join them.

In another village where Frank works, Kartik and his wife, Pari, invited Samir and his father, Nuh, to visit a friend who lives in a distant village where there hasn’t been any gospel work. (Read that story here.) While in the village, Kartik and Pari shared their testimony about their recent journey to faith in Jesus. They explained how they put their faith in Jesus after their young daughter was miraculously freed from demons. This was the first time the village chief and the villagers had heard about Jesus. They were amazed and wanted to know more.

Later, Nuh visited Ramzi’s village. Ramzi had severe high blood pressure, irregular blood sugar levels, and intense shaking. His neighbor told him that Nuh could pray for him. Interested in receiving prayer, Ramzi invited Nuh to his home. With Ramzi’s whole family as an audience, Nuh prayed for him in Jesus’ name. Immediately and miraculously, Ramzi’s symptoms improved. Now, Ramzi and his family are eager to listen to stories about Jesus together.

Soon after Ramzi’s healing, he told his friend Adil, who also had health issues, about what happened. Adil asked Ramzi if Nuh could come pray for him too. Nuh visited and prayed for Adil, who also received healing. Praise God! 

How you can pray for these new disciples: 

  • Pray for Job and Samuel’s friends and family to become interested in discovering more about God, and join the new discovery group.
  • Pray that discovery groups will start in this new village where Kartik and Pari shared their testimony. Pray that their family will continue to grow in their faith.
  • Please pray for discovery groups to start in both Ramzi’s and Adil’s homes.



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