“I’m tired,” wept Sunil* as he explained to Gia* and Samir* all the things he had done to appease the evil spirits and bring good luck for his family. “Every time I’ve seen a sacred tree with ribbons tied on it, I’ve gone and bowed down to worship the tree spirits and the gods. I bought expensive hens from the village witch doctor who told me that they would bring good luck to my family. The black magic, the hens, the worship of the spirits…. nothing has worked!” 

Sunil continued, “But then, I saw some people in our village listening to the Jesus stories. They stopped practicing black magic and stopped bowing down to the sacred trees. I watched and waited for them to be cursed by the gods and the evil spirits. To my surprise, they weren’t cursed! Instead, they were happy and peaceful. Please tell me more about this Jesus!” 

Gia shared with Sunil and his family the good news of Jesus, the one who is stronger than black magic. Sunil and his family also began listening to audio recordings of the Jesus stories and discovered who Jesus is. Recently, all five in Sunil’s family decided to follow Jesus and leave behind black magic. Join us in praising the Father for this new family of disciples!

Pray for Sunil and his family as they walk in this new journey of discipleship. Ask that their lives would be transformed by the power of the gospel, that they would obediently apply what they are learning, and that they would begin sharing with their neighbors and friends the good news they have discovered. 


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