Navigating Difficult Conversations with Family

Navigating Difficult Conversations with Family

The Christmas holidays can often be made more stressful by difficult family members.  Sometimes we gird ourselves up just knowing that that person will be at the family gathering. Ibu Sayang in Indonesia knows how we feel . . .

When “Uncle” called Ibu Sayang to his home for a family gathering, she had no idea of the storm she was going to walk into. Questions about her faith pelted her from every direction. Guided by the Holy Spirit, Sayang was able to share about how she struggled with finding truth and meaning in Islam despite having been on the Hajj (a spiritual trip to Mecca) twice and having earnestly sought God as a Muslim. She shared how, in her frustration, she had cried out one night, “God! Please reveal to me your truth!” Boldly, she told her family of the man with white hair dressed in white robes and a golden sash who appeared in her dreams that night. In his hands this man held a book on which was a large cross with her name written below. He handed her the book, and Ibu Sayang awoke. Immediately, she knew that the man was Isa al Masih (Jesus the Messiah) and that truth was found in him. She confidently explained that the dream was the reason she had removed her traditional Muslim clothing and claimed to be a follower of Jesus.

After hearing all she had to say, Ibu Sayang’s uncle, who is a respected leader in the Islamic community, declared, “If I receive a vision from Allah as you did, I and my whole family will receive Isa al Masih!”

Sayang and her teammates are rejoicing over this announcement and praying for this very thing. They are also in awe of the ready answers the Holy Spirit provided during this tense encounter. Aware that she can only plant seeds while salvation belongs to the Lord, Ibu Sayang has already made an appointment to go back and share more with her family!

As you prepare to meet with your extended families over the upcoming holiday season, please be praying for your Christian brothers and sisters around the world who will be meeting with family and sharing with them why they have chosen to follow Christ. Pray also for Ibu Sayang’s uncle; that the vision he has asked for, he will have.