“That song sounds nice, and it’s wonderful to hear new songs in the Tibetan language and style . . . but who is this Savior Jesus that you are singing about?” 

In the Himalayas, all good conversations happen over tea – sometimes in the home around a warm fire and sometimes in the warmth of the sun. Recently during these tea times, our Tibetan team members have begun sharing new worship songs they’ve written. They do this to spark a spiritual conversation with those around them.

Often an older family member will comment on the traditional Tibetan style of the song and inquire about the Jesus mentioned in the songs. The team then tells those gathered about Jesus and why they are his disciples. When the household or group of friends show further interest, the team leads them in a Bible study. A Bible app with sets of stories about Jesus and instructions on how to keep having discovery Bible studies is given to the group. 

Historically, Tibetans have been slow in walking the path toward following Christ, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Beyond donors, you’ve been part of bringing the gospel to this unreached region.  For that, we thank you. Please pray that interest in Christ would grow and that seekers would begin studying the Bible together.