When *Jia was invited to join a group learning how to share God’s stories with others so they might become Jesus’ disciples, her eyes lit up and she asked, “Do you really think I could do that?” “I most certainly do!” her friend, Amy, responded. “After all, God’s Spirit is alive in you and it’s His desire to see more people not only knowing the Gospel but following Jesus in trusting obedience.”

Thinking for a moment Jia replied, “I am excited about joining together to practice and share God’s stories. Learning how to better engage with those who don’t know Jesus is something I need help with because I’m not very good with social skills.”

“Jia, I’m not very good with social skills either,” Amy said. “But I’ve found that there are many low pressure, yet effective ways to come alongside others with God’s Word. Most importantly, the Holy Spirit lives in us and delights to do this work as long as we are willing to be used by Him.

“Then I will be praying for new understanding and a breakthrough of boldness!” Jia declared. A month after this conversation took place, Amy shares that it has been a joy for her to watch the Holy Spirit open her friends’ eyes to ways they can interact in authentic and intentional ways with people who don’t yet know God’s truth and love. In one “ah-ha” moment the women felt that as they shared with others the specific ways God had answered their prayers, they should also ask what the other person (mostly likely Daoist or Buddhist) has experienced in prayer.

By listening to the other person’s spiritual journey the women might hear of a need and be able to share a story from the Bible for that need. Praise God that these young women are seeking ways to have conversations of eternal significance.

Pray that they would find many who are open to hearing the living, active word of God and that many would come to trusting obedience of Christ Jesus and begin to share within their own relationships.