When a Christian woman visited another state in India last year, she met some believers from the North India movement. She was attracted to the simple way they love and obey Jesus and wondered if they could help her and her husband with their ministry in Goa. She called Sanjay* to ask if he would train some of their church people in this “new” approach to discipling. He readily agreed.

Here’s a translation of Sanjay’s trip report:

I went to a lady’s house. They didn’t know me. I didn’t know them. They thought I was coming to show off like other ministry leaders. They asked where I was going to sleep that night. I can sleep in your house; the floor is fine. They didn’t expect that. [I could see that the woman ] distrusted me [because I didn’t act the way a typical minister would]. I lived simply. I didn’t need the fancy chair, special introduction, or fancy treatment. I came to work, not for a holiday or to be honored.

We had the meeting. Many people came, especially ladies. I shared about [the importance of having spiritual] generations, making disciples, DBS [discovery Bible study], and working with the poor, even without money. They loved it. 

But the woman looked very disturbed. I can tell you are angry, I said. What is the problem? She said she felt judged by all I had shared. I had stressed things they hadn’t done. I am not judging you, I replied. I am just looking at what Jesus commanded us to do. Nothing else.  

After our conversation, she decided this was good teaching. But her husband didn’t like any of it. He wanted me to be like other Christian leaders. He thought I must be trying to trick or cheat them because [my presentation] wasn’t nice or fancy, and I didn’t want special treatment.

The husband and wife talked after lunch. I learned later that the man was so angry with his wife for changing her mind about me and this work that he slapped her face.

After lunch, we met with a different group. Again, I spoke about generational growth, disciple-making, and DBS. The husband was resistant to the end. He said, Tell us how much you will pay us, and then we will do this work. I told him, If you work for the Lord, the Lord will pay you. I will not.

The Lord gave me an idea. I asked, Would any of you like to know more about this work? A few said Yes. When it was time to leave, I gave the man and his wife a small gift of money as thanks for my stay. I welcomed them to contact me if they want to pursue this work. I also told them that a few people wanted to know more. Since no one is getting paid, the man agreed that I could work directly with the interested ones [bypassing him]. 

I thank the Lord. Through this man who’s not good-hearted, the Lord connected me with eight sincere people. This month, I will do some online training with them, and I will return and continue to train those applying what they learn.

Talk about obeying Jesus’ new command! Sanjay didn’t shy away from the woman when he saw her upset. He pressed in. In doing so, he obeyed Christ’s command to love as He loves. Please join us in praying for this husband and wife in Goa. Pray, too, for these eight people eager to apply what they heard. May they bear abundant, lasting fruit.


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