“When we see generational growth, we know the work is going well….If we don’t have generational growth after 5 or 6 trainings, something is wrong. Fruitful work has generations.” – Sanjay, a movement leader in North India

Ranbir met Chara, a woman interested in discussing spiritual matters. He invited her to a Bible study to learn about Jesus and His Kingdom. Chara attended with her children and enjoyed the conversation, but she stayed quiet and didn’t share what she heard with others.

Then her daughter became ill. The doctor was not hopeful for her recovery. Chara asked the Bible study group to come and pray for her daughter. The daughter quickly recovered! Chara told her abusive husband that God had touched their daughter.
After further Bible studies together, the whole family gave their allegiance to Jesus. Chara declared, “He is the amazing God. He saved my life, healed my daughter, and saved my husband. I will not hide this from my people, but will share with my neighbors and [extended] family.” And she did.

Chara shared with many, including Roopwani and her household. Roopwani shared with many, including Kasla and her household. Kasla shared with many, including her brother and sister-in-law . . . Lives were changed.

In eight months, five generations of disciples were birthed, 64 people were baptized, and 47 Bible study groups were started! 
You can help spread the Good News of the gospel for generations to come in Every People in Every Place.