Remember Gia, the Determined New Disciple?

Remember Gia, the Determined New Disciple?

Gia* knocked on Samir’s* door. “I am Gia, a cousin of Bahar.* I am a village chief of Azville,* and now I am a disciple of Jesus. I believe that our Father is the Father of unity, not disunity. I believe there are hundreds of people in my village who are ready to become followers of Jesus too. I don’t want you to tell my people about Jesus. It is my duty to tell them, and I passionately want to, but I don’t know how. Please train me on how to reach my village.”

Over the next several hours, Gia told Samir her story: about her love for Jesus and her desire to reach her whole village. She repeatedly stressed that she didn’t want outsiders to do the work, but that she and her family wanted to share the Good News.

Later that day, Samir messaged Frank* about Gia’s visit: “I have learned throughout our training and coaching times about looking for and staying with the person of peace. This is key. In Azville, the other Christians didn’t understand the importance of Luke 10. Instead of looking for the person of peace and staying with that family, they went from house to house and ended up creating a fight in Gia’s village. They caused disunity, thus they lost the opportunity to share the Good News. This makes me very sad.… But the Father has used this to teach me the importance of Luke 10. And now, Gia is ready to be trained and lead her village to Jesus. She doesn’t want to lean on us or any others. She wants to share the gospel herself. And I believe the Father is going to use this situation to see many, many churches started in this area.”

Through sharing her testimony and having spiritual conversations with people, Gia has seen several people choose to become followers of Jesus. At Gia’s request, Samir and his co-laborers traveled to her village. They encouraged her with the story of the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4) who reached her village without any training, simply because she met Jesus. Gia received mp3 speakers loaded with Bible stories, so she and others can listen as a group, apply what they learn in practical steps of obedience, and share it with others. 


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