On the very first day of this new year, a large earthquake shook Japan once again. Buildings tumbled, streets buckled, fires erupted. Memories of the devastating earthquake and tsunami of 2011 fueled fears all the more. Death and destruction were on full display. Believers around the world prayed,“God have mercy on Japan!” How many are perishing without knowledge and understanding of the Savior? How many are seeking some good news in the midst of this tumultuous world? When will they hear? When will they believe? When will they turn from sin and experience LIFE in the Lord?

But let’s rewind. Before the earthquake on January 1st, something wonderful happened. On a quiet beach on an island of Malaysia, just as the sun had come up on 2024, LIFE was in full display. Four Japanese people obediently followed Jesus in baptism. The very first baptisms of Japanese people that our team has witnessed in Malaysia. Praise God! He is at work. These four will most certainly face opposition and condemnation for their faith in Jesus, especially if they return to Japan. But here they stand, declaring their allegiance to the only One who can rescue them from sin and death. 

Join us in prayer for these new Japanese disciples to multiply!


For several weeks, Tucker* and his friend, Peter*, have been visiting a local food stall to look for people of peace (Luke 10:5-6)
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*Tucker, a Beyond missions catalyst, arrived at the guesthouse, hoping to speak with *Shuhei. Earlier he’d had a chance to pray for some  read more …

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