*Tucker, a Beyond missions catalyst, arrived at the guesthouse, hoping to speak with *Shuhei. Earlier he’d had a chance to pray for some of Shuhei’s needs, and now Tucker wanted to share the Bible story of Hannah with him. Tucker was pleased to see Shuhei hanging out with some of the other lodgers. However, as the night drew on, Shuhei remained immersed in their company. Tucker prayed and sensed the Lord telling him to wait for the right moment even though he was getting pretty tired.
Knowing Shuhei didn’t sleep at the guesthouse, Tucker went out on the front porch to wait for him to leave. Finally, Shuhei left and headed straight for his motorcycle. When Tucker asked if he was going home for the night, Shuhei said he was but then turned back and thanked Tucker for his prayers.

The two struck up a conversation and Tucker was able to bring up the story of Hannah’s prayer, letting Shuhei read it in Japanese. They talked for the next 30 minutes about the God Tucker loves, prayer, faith, hope, Jesus and heaven. At one point, the owner’s wife came out and joined the conversation, listening and sharing her Buddhist beliefs.

The conversation ended that night with Shuhei commenting that he needed to start thinking more about spiritual things. The two men exchanged contact information, and Shuhei invited Tucker to call him the next time Tucker was in Tokyo.

Isn’t it great that God faithfully provides opportunities to share His words when we faithfully listen and obey? That night outside the guesthouse two people heard the gospel for the first time because Tucker chose to listen to the Lord and obey him.

Please pray that the seeds that were planted in Shuhei and the woman who joined the conversation will grow and produce the harvest of a Disciple Making Movement.