As leaders from a movement network in SE Asia began to talk about taking the gospel to a nearby island, Wahid grew interested. Passionate about spreading the Word of God, he took a long trip with some fellow disciple-makers around the island’s perimeter. They stopped at several places where Wahid already knew people, and shared Bible stories that pointed to Isa (Jesus) – making disciples and training them to multiply. 

Two years later, Wahid decided to revisit those areas. He knew the disciples had made more disciples, but growth in some places had not reached beyond the first or second generation of multiplication. He found that the new disciples had not understood all of the teachings, so they had some gaps in their multiplication practices. Wahid’s heart was burdened by this, so when he returned home, he and his team began to pray for a solution. What could be done to remove the blockage preventing new and sustained growth? 

After praying, the leadership team decided to send out couples experienced in multiplying disciples to the third, fourth, and fifth generations. Fifteen couples came forward to coach the new disciples in disciple-making strategies. They sought the Lord together on the best placement for their work. 

Since April, eight couples have been sent out. Others will soon follow. Pray for the teams as they coach existing disciples on how to multiply into generations of multiplying disciples. This island has seen many apostolic efforts start and stop. Pray that the church there will grow and see many new followers of Isa. 



Anna mentioned that she and her husband, Evan, had been on the island during the earthquake, and they too had experienced some fear because of it. They stayed, however, because of their love for the SaSumBi people.
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The first night D spoke with a man, Aziz, a broker, about the parable of the sower and the seeds. Feeling uneasy because of the powerful message,  Aziz suddenly began sharing that he often “played with the numbers”  read more …

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