Sharan* and his family became followers of Jesus less than two years ago. Before Jesus, they worshiped idols and brought offerings to the temple, even though they were not allowed to enter it and sit with the higher caste peoples or the priest. As Nai caste (haircutter caste), they are considered a polluting people. Being Hindu was hard, but they didn’t know another way.

One Friday, as Sharan and his wife walked to the market, they heard singing. Curious, they entered the home to observe the group. They listened to a Bible story and a Discovery Bible study discussion. Sharan was deeply impacted by the prayers. They prayed for the sick and things happening in the village. Everyone was praying. Sharan wondered what kind of god allowed everyone to pray. 

After attending the meetings for several weeks, Sharan and his wife said, “We, too, can invite people to our house to listen to stories and pray to this amazing God.” The neighbors who came were impressed that everyone was invited. Everyone could have chai and eat together, sing and pray together. There were no caste barriers among themselves or between themselves and God.

Sharan and his family became followers of Jesus. They never went back to the temple. “There is nothing good for me back in Hinduism,” Sharan said. And he found that as he prayed about everything, life improved. “What an amazing God!” he thought.

But when high-caste villagers noticed that Sharan didn’t go to the temple anymore, they were unwilling to tolerate his new life. They persuaded officials to keep him from his harvest and arrest him. 

During Sharan’s imprisonment, God’s people provided for his family. Sharan’s father was impressed, “We are not alone. These people help us. This is not just talk.” Sharan’s family continued hosting prayer meetings and sharing about Jesus. No one walked away from Jesus.

Six weeks later, Sharan was freed from jail. Village leaders were sure he would deny Jesus to return to his old job, but Sharan had another idea. He decided to try disciple-making full-time for three months. If God would provide work for his wife and father during that time, Sharan would continue. If not, he’d go back to his old job.

Sharan gave himself to disciple-making, faithfully telling people about Jesus and passing along the trainings his mentor shared with him. In this way, he discipled 19 families. After three months, 11 families were baptized. A few months later, the remaining eight were baptized.

At the end of three months, Sharan had discipled 19 lost families to Jesus. Within the next few months, all 19 families obeyed the Lord in baptism. And God provided work for his wife and father. Through the network of churches that has now reached seven spiritual generations and the business, God is providing all their needs. Sharan’s life is a testimony to all of what God can do.

God is building His church in the places we least expect it. Praise the Lord! 



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