After she became Jesus’ disciple, Gia* began to share her testimony with others in her village. Her testimony and the power of God’s word brought many, including Elif*, to faith in Jesus. 

Elif’s husband, Rahj*, became angry and threatened to harm Gia. He was known throughout the village as an alcoholic who beat his wife regularly and had even threatened to kill her. Gia decided to leave town for a little while. 

Meanwhile, Elif prayed for her husband. “If Gia’s Jesus truly is real,” she reasoned, “then he will change my husband’s heart.” One day, while Elif was praying, Rahj found some pages from a New Testament and read them. God opened his eyes, and Rahj decided to follow Jesus. From that point on, he was changed. He stopped drinking and beating his wife. God answered Elif’s prayers. After Rahj came to faith, Gia returned to the village. 

Before long, Gia and Rahj decided to have a prayer and testimony night in their village. Rahj wanted to provide food for those who came — his way of showing that he had changed. Around 150 people showed up, roughly 35 households. These families were both Muslims and Hindus. 

Gia and Rahj shared their testimonies, led a prayer time, worshiped Jesus through songs, and shared how Jesus changes people and frees them from demonic powers. Many of the families wanted to start listening to gospel stories. 

They began listening to the Bible from mp3 speakers, obeying what they learned, and sharing the stories with others. More than 50 new families have requested to have Jesus’ stories to bring to their communities. And recently, six new people obeyed God by being baptized!  


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