Recently Greg* and one of his local partners started meeting with a group of tribal believers to cast vision for multiplying disciples, and encourage them to obey Jesus’ commission in Matthew 28. Many of these precious brothers and sisters are farmers and laborers, some of whom trek over six miles through the forest and over steep hills to meet in a church building made of mud and thatch. 

Starting with Old Testament Scripture, Greg and his partner showed how Father God’s heart has longed for all peoples and nations from the beginning. They shared how Jesus lived his life as a pattern for us to follow, then gave his disciples the responsibility of the Great Commission. By the third visit, they sensed the people were accepting their responsibility to obey Jesus. Greg asked what experiences they’d recently had in trying to share the Good News with unbelievers. 

One young man stood up and said, “Brother, I am only a simple mason. I don’t know much. But after you shared about the simple ways we can engage those around us in conversation, I had an opportunity. On the job that day, rather than taking along friends I already knew, I purposely asked my boss to choose people to work with me. The two men I ended up with were brothers. They come from a nearby town that has few or no believers. When they saw my behavior and that I was not chewing “gutka” (the local tobacco-like substance), they asked me why. This started a conversation about how my life has changed. These brothers were impressed with my testimony and invited me to visit them at their home. This town is new for us, and my wife and I are praying for a chance to go meet with these men and their families to share the Good News.” 

After that brother sat down, Greg pointed out that since they live among so many unreached people, their places of work and the activities of their daily lives can provide many opportunities to share the Good News. Everyone accepted the challenge of finding new people and places to share the Good News before meeting again. When the local pastor stood to pray, he told Jesus they wanted to share with many people and asked Jesus to show them all how and where to find persons of peace. 

Pray for this group of energized followers to be directed by the Spirit and to have rich and fruitful conversations with many in their communities. Ask that these conversations would lead to Bible studies and new generations of multiplying disciples.


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