A Kairos moment- a Sovereign God-ordained opportune moment for a window of time which provides crossroads moments for His glory to be demonstrated and declared among the peoples.

Between July 29th and August 12th, our workers in Indonesia walked through earthquakes of 6.4, 7.0, 6.2, 7.0 magnitude.

Unprecedented? Yes.

Unexpected? Not when we have prayed and labored for Disciple Making Movements in this part of the world since the early 1990’s.  A Kairos moment? In the hours and days since the earthquake struck, our teams have reported walking through many Kairos moments, here are a few:

  • “Mrs. Reina, you and your husband have been coming to visit our family for many years. And yet, this time, as you bring medical clinics, trauma counseling, and material supplies, we see something different. Others have come to help our flattened homes in the village. They look, shake their heads, and say, ‘Too bad.’ But you and your friends come, and it is like you bring hope which shows that you feel what we feel and you suffer this with us.”
  • “Do you remember me?” one of the villagers asked. “I was the little preemie whom you prayed for healing in Jesus’ name 17 years ago.” (Our team on the field is facilitating a Discovery Bible Study with her household and friends as she discovers the reality of the God who rescued her.)
  • Sri and her husband have lived in their tarp evacuation home since the first 7.0 magnitude crushed their home. After having walked their family through the trauma debrief process, our team offered to pray for them in Isa Al Masih’s name. The next day, God answered that prayer…Sa’ul had been hired. There would be a source of income, for now. Sri reflected, “We feel so cared for by you both. Why would you even take time to spend time with us?”
  • A team of mural artists was drawing murals of their cities rising up from the ruin of the earthquakes. When asked by one of our team members what the paintings represented. “Hope,” they said. “It is our cry for a source of hope.” Pray that the Lord continues to work in the hearts of those who have lost so much . . .

People here continue to build their lives despite the ruins that surround them. They are hungry for hope. Pray that we don’t miss the opportunities to guide and direct them to the one who gives us eternal Hope.

For the next few months, as our team helps with medical care and lessons on how to cope with trauma, please pray that Jesus would be the focus and that people would experience the joy of loving and knowing Him in the midst of their suffering.