Kuts is a regional team leader. One day while at the local market, Kuts prayed that the Lord would lead him to a person or persons of peace. It was then that he met Mr. Bee. Mr. Bee seemed eager to hear more about the person of Isa (Jesus) and began reading scripture with Kuts. After a while they were joined by Mrs. Bee and their young daughter. Over the course of the year there had been many obstacles to this family believing and coming to faith.  A particular obstacle was that Mr. Bee saw Isa (Jesus) merely as a prophet, the same as the prophet, Mohammad.  His inability to see Isa as more than a prophet meant of course that there would be no further discussion and no baptism.

Several weeks later the team of field workers met to discuss disciple-making principles and the importance of follow-up with some promising contacts. The team could meet for one night only. They were all gathered ready to start their meeting when there was a knock at the door. Kuts was surprised by Mr. Bee’s cheery face when he answered the door but felt that he needed to welcome Mr. Bee in, even though they were getting ready to begin their meeting and had just a few hours to cover many important issues.

Mr. Bee sat down and Kuts asked him if there was something he was thankful for. Bee shared about a passage that he had read in the Inji (New Testament). He said that he was confused by use of the example of sheep.  Bee went on to tell the group that he had had a very vivid dream shortly after he had read the scriptures.  He said that in the dream he was standing in an open field with hundreds of sheep. (Sheep are almost non-existent in this part of the country, there are only goats). He heard a voice telling him that he needed to care for these sheep.

While the team listened, Bee asked Kuts what this could mean for him and what the Inji (New Testament) was describing.  They opened God’s word and read several passages that described how Jesus used sheep in illustrations and stories and also how he was the Good shepherd.  After a bit of reading, Kuts asked Bee again what he made of the dreams he had, had.

Bee replied, that to him it seemed clear that Isa was telling him that he needed to tell more people about the salvation that He (Isa) offers and that he (Bee) should care for these new sheep as their leader.   This was his interpretation after reading the Bible.

Before Bee took his leave, the team prayed for him and told him that they would visit him at his house in a couple of days.

The Lord had not just convinced Mr. Bee of His deity and sovereignty but had also given him a mandate to spread the good news of the Gospel with others. And what the team had witnessed with Mr. Bee was a tremendous encouragement. They found renewed passion and zeal to disciple and find others that God had “gone before” and prepared.

Pray for God’s continued grace in Mr. Bee’s life and that the team will be spurred on to follow-up and actively pursue contacts until a movement is established among this unreached people group.