This is a testimony from one of the couples who attended a Phase 1 Training:

“My wife and I were talking to some friends about the Sunday School class we were all a part of. We agreed that there were times of great teaching, some good responses to questions posed, and everyone seemed to enjoy the group. However, I took the opportunity to share about how my wife and I had just finished Phase 1 training through BEYOND. 

During this training, we met regularly with a group of disciples, all focused on the same thing: to make reproducing disciples that would result in amazing movements of God’s Spirit throughout our communities and the world. Wow! What a mission! After we were no longer meeting together for the training, I began to miss being a part of a group with a God-sized mission. We attended several traditional Sunday School classes and small groups, but had not found a group driven by the kind of exciting vision to which we had grown accustomed during Phase 1.

In those Sunday school classes, we were acquiring more knowledge, but I yearned for a group to keep me accountable to obedience. My failure to obey what I was learning was no one’s fault but my own, but it helped when others on the same journey were asking me questions about how God was speaking to me, how I intended to obey His word, and then following up with me the next week! I understood more and more that my real fruit-bearing potential was directly tied to my obedience. Our friends showed some interest as we talked about our participation in Phase 1 and some of the perspective shifts we had experienced with regard to being a true disciple of Christ and making other disciples. We are now talking about starting a new Phase 1 group together, with the vision of not only growing as disciples, but making more disciples, who make more disciples, who make more disciples. I can’t ever go back to a smaller vision!”