This story comes from one of our workers in the field: Malik is an Isa (Jesus) follower first and foremost—but he is also known in his community as an Ustad, a Muslim teacher.

He is often asked to teach at the Mosque on Fridays in the surrounding villages. He teaches by using stories from the Kitab (the Bible), and then asks questions so his fellow Muslims in the Mosques can learn for themselves what Allah’s (God’s) plans are for them.

Recently, Malik decided to ask if he could come and speak to the military generals of their people. Understanding the violence and war that has been a part of his people’s history for centuries, He spoke of Isa’s (Jesus’) life.

His message stated, “Isa’s jihad (holy war) is His life’s ministry of bringing PEACE. We must follow Isa’s jihad!”

Pray for the many Muslim Jesus followers around this world who are proclaiming the PEACE that only Jesus can bring. And as Muslims around the world continue to celebrate the end of Ramadan this weekend pray that many will have visions of Isa (Jesus) and be curious about who is and seek after Him.


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