‘Stand up for Truth’ – that is how Jasi summarized what she will do in obedience to what she learned through our Bible reading that day. Jasi’s words took Lauren by surprise, so Lauren asked how she came to that conclusion for the third chapter of 2 Peter.

“I am easily discouraged by unkind behavior and that people seem to get away with doing the wrong thing and have no punishment. I struggle to find relevant ways to share about God with my young adult relatives and so I often just keep quiet and give up. Reading this chapter today with you reminds me that God knows what is going on and that He is not disinterested, disengaged or dismissive of the bad that happens. I am challenged to change my attitude and behavior,” she answered.

“What’s that going to look like for you? I’m eager to hear,” Lauren responded. “First, I will practice changing my thinking about God when I see or experience something that seems unfair or selfish. Second, I will be bolder about talking with my nephews about God’s love and truth.”

“That’s super. I’d like to hear more about what you plan to say to your nephews in the next week, before we meet again,” said Lauren. 

“Well, one thing I could do is to read some of this chapter with them,” she shared, “and talk with them about my belief that this world has limited time left and that we must be humble and know that He is God.”

Lauren was impressed by the very clear message that Jasi was going to share with her family and together they prayed for Jasi’s nephews; that they too would listen and be challenged by 2 Peter: 3.

Pray for Jasi, that she would be bold in her witness and the same spirit that is willing to stand up for the truth will stand up for the gospel.



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