Tibetan-Himalayan Peoples

“… Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out
into his harvest field.” Luke 10:2


The Tibetan-Himalayan peoples live on the rooftop of the world among the the highest mountains on the planet. They are hardy and hard-working with deep-rooted cultures that extol Buddhism and various ethnic religions; there is very little Christian presence among them.

Geography and a deeply ingrained fear of the spirits they believe control every aspect of their lives are barriers to reaching these peoples. Strenuous government restrictions on sharing the gospel makes it an even bigger challenge.  

But followers of Jesus are eager to share the Good News with those around them! By working with local disciples, we want to see God’s Word go out in a contextually relevant way. We are thrilled to work alongside people as eager as we are to see the gospel break into the darkness. 


  • Pray for hundreds of small villages across the Himalayas without access to the Good News. Pray that God’s kingdom would spread to every people and place.

  • Ask the Lord of the Harvest to raise more workers from near and far for the harvest fields of Tibetan Himalayan peoples.

  • Pray for boldness and intimacy with God for all those working in closed countries. Ask for the multiplication of leaders through basic disciple-making principles so the Church may grow exponentially.


*Joel has been leading a disciple-making training in the Tibetan Himalayas. One of its critical components is reproducibility. The participants are immediately released to practice the principles and train others to do likewise. Out of all the groups Joel has trained, this one has been the quickest to obey Scripture. They are all eager to see God’s kingdom come in their communities. 

In lesson two, they looked at the Great Commandment from Mark 12 and at Deuteronomy 6. Based on these passages, Joel trains people to do and say intentional things in their daily lives that show others they are followers of Jesus. 

The following week, they discussed the results. Several had had spiritual conversations with people they had known …


Watch the video and pray along with us.