North Korea: “The Jerusalem of the East”?

North Korea: “The Jerusalem of the East”?

North Korea has been much in the news lately. Let’s pray rich blessings over this nation and its people.

Let’s pray that God would birth a great spiritual awakening as He did in the early 1900s when a disciple-making movement spread through Pyongyang. By the 1920s, the movement had permeated the Korean peninsula. Whole families and regions came to Christ! The revival was based on principles found in the book of Acts, which we see in many movements around the world today.

John Nevius was a missionary whose ideas helped launch this dynamic movement. Instead of urging people to come to a building to listen to a key leader or two (attractional churches), Nevius believed in local, empowered leadership, the priesthood of all believers, and simple reproducible Bible studies which any believer could start and help others to start. As a result, the gospel spread like wildfire.

Simple, reproducible Bible studies multiplied from sarangbang (a room used for meeting or studying) to sarangbang. Previously, Christian workers had problems starting attractional churches, but through these methods, Bible studies multiplied faster than workers could keep up with them! Many of these sarangbang Bible study meetings developed into house churches in this truly indigenous movement.

The movement was hottest in Pyongyang; in fact, Pyongyang became known as “the Jerusalem of the East.” Some believed it was the fastest spiritual awakening seen since the one recorded in the book of Acts. Pyongyang became home to 300,000 Christians. Eventually, 29% of Koreans were involved in these house churches.

  • Pray that God will launch a “Book of Acts” movement again so all people in this country can know Jesus’ love.
  • Pray God will equip and launch laborers into this harvest field.
  • Pray many will choose to follow Him in loving obedience.
  • Pray for a great multiplication of house churches who love and serve their people and country.
  • Pray for God’s protection from Satan, for Jesus’ disciples.
  • Pray for wonderful blessings for all the people of this country.
  • Pray that we will once again see “average” believers do extraordinary things, through and because of Jesus’ love.