They Had Plans but God Had Better Plans . . .

They Had Plans but God Had Better Plans . . .

Natalie* and Sue hosted an online prayer time with local believers. Amil and Zara, a husband and wife, joined them. They chatted for a few minutes before turning to prayer. After several minutes, Zara and Amil indicated that another man, Hami, was with them when they asked the ladies to pray for his daughter. They did so, then invited Hami to pray as well.

At this point, Natalie and Sue discovered that Hami was not a follower and had no idea what they had been talking about or praying for. He began to ask questions about the Word, saying he needed to understand everything about their faith! They talked for about an hour. Natalie and Sue mentioned several passages for them to read together.

The next day Zara texted them about what had happened. Zara, Amil, and Hami had continued discussing spiritual things, and Hami took home a copy of the Word. He had read until 6 am, unable to put it down. 

Natalie and Sue had plans for an evening of prayer, but let their plans go. God had better plans in store! Pray for Hami as he absorbs the Word of God. Pray God opens his mind to understand the Scriptures. (Luke 24:45)