Horn of Africa

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through me. – John 14:6


The Horn of Africa is a large peninsula on the east coast of the continent. This region has experienced warfare and famine for many years.

The Horn has many unreached Islamic people groups and a long standing Muslim heritage. But it also has a rich history of Christianity that reaches into the pages of the Bible itself when Philip was sent by the Lord to speak to the Ethiopian eunuch. (Acts 8:26-40) 

Our prayer for the Horn of Africa is for God to deliver them from spiritual blindness and open their hearts to His truth. We want to see whole families and communities transformed with the Good News of the gospel.


  • Pray for God’s protection upon the laborers who work for the gospel in sensitive/closed areas.
  • Pray against the stronghold of Islamic teaching and traditional & cultural barriers holding them back from knowing Jesus as the only way, truth and life.
  • Pray for the traditional churches to realize that there are still many people who need to hear about Jesus and that they would be effective in starting movements among the indigenous people.

from triangles to circles


The BEYOND South Asia team had a problem. God had birthed a movement with them serving as catalysts. Now the movement among their focus people group had grown too large to continue using their old training and equipping model. As problems go, it was a good problem to have. The movement had done a phenomenal job of teaching disciple-making. It had many “Pauls,” disciple-makers mentoring others in disciple-making, and many “Timothys,” disciple-makers being mentored. Lives changed as followers of Jesus obeyed his word. Whole communities felt the impact. To meet the growing need of training thousands and nurturing their spiritual health, however, they needed a new approach.

The old model was like a triangle where each “Paul” would gather and train a group of 15 or more “Timothys.” This worked well in the beginning, but when numbers grew, problems arose. In the large meetings, several people never spoke up and never got help for the issues they faced. The financial cost of these gatherings also limited growth.