Eurasian Peoples

Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life;
he who comes to Me will not hunger, … john 6:35



The vast majority of Eurasia is culturally Christian —  mainly from Catholic and Orthodox traditions. Unfortunately, many believers have a nominal belief and struggle with apathy. This region is also home to refugees from many of the least reached people groups of the world, many of whom have received a cold reception. 

We firmly believe God desires to awaken His Church and see them become obedient to His Word for the glory of the His name and the sake of His creation. We minister to refugees fleeing turmoil and work among those who desire to stir a fresh fire of obedience to God’s Word. 


  • Pray that God would use people’s needs (financial, physical, relational, etc.) to ready and open them to His Good News.
  • Pray for unity in the Body of Christ throughout the peoples of Eurasia. May the many traditions lay aside specific agendas and agree on making disciples for Jesus. 
  • Pray, too, that the Lord will give fresh vision to His church in these regions — that He would work through His Word, through Movement Catalysts, through dreams, and through His Spirit to mobilize the Body of Christ to make reproducing disciples.

Finally Home

Yulia is an eighteen-year-old orphan from a town on the frontlines of fighting in Ukraine.  About two months ago Ron received a message asking if he and his family would house a young woman who has been evacuated. Yulia had been in the airport ready to board a plane to a host family in the US. Someone had told her she could fly without her passport. It was in a government building when the women and children had been evacuated.

 Ron and Kaylie’s family had just moved into a new house. They had very little furniture; and they were already hosting a family of five other refugees from Ukraine. But they had floor space and a mattress – and Yulia needed a home.