Loy Krathong or Loi Krathong (ลอยกระทง), also known as Thailand’s Festival of Lights, is one Thailand’s biggest festivals. This year, it will take place on November 27th. This traditional Siamese festival has been celebrated annually for generations, to pay respect to the Goddess of Water and seek forgiveness from her. Nowadays, Thais celebrate it as a way to get rid of negativity and welcome good fortune in the coming year.

The word Loy means “to float” and Krathong translates to “basket” or “boat.” A krathong is a small, decorative float made primarily from banana leaves, traditionally resembling a lotus flower or small boat. The krathong is customarily adorned with candles, flowers, incense sticks, small offerings, and coins.

The floating krathongs carry the hopes, wishes, and gratitude of individuals as they navigate rivers, lakes, or canals during the festival. While not a public holiday, it is celebrated nationwide. 

Thai people begin the festival by making their krathongs at home with friends and family, although these days many buy them from local shops.

At dusk, people gather near rivers, lakes and canals with their decorated krathongs. They light candles and incense before gently releasing the krathongs onto the water. This symbolizes the release of negativity and honors the water spirits. It is believed that if the krathong remains lit until it disappears from sight, it will bring good luck for the following year.

Ways to Pray for the Thai People during this Festival:

  • Pray that Thai people worldwide would come to know the true Light of the world, Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for missionaries working among Thai people, that during this festival the Holy Spirit will guide them to people of peace who can open their homes and families to learn about the God who gave His life for them.
  • Pray that Thai people would know the freedom that only Jesus can bring.


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