Looking at the group of women gathered to study Bible stories in the humid wet market, Amy’s* heart was moved. She thought back to how it had all begun. 

One day, she had been walking through the marketplace, praying and asking God to lead her to someone who wanted to know Him. Before long, Amy’s eyes were drawn to a seller named Diwi*. After the women talked for a while, Diwi shared some problems she had been facing.

Amy asked if she could tell Diwi a story about Abraham that might help as she dealt with the problems. Diwi said yes. By the end of the story, Diwi was near tears. She was very touched by Abraham’s willingness to follow God wherever He commanded. Amy asked if Diwi knew anyone else who should hear the story. 

When they met to study another Bible story, Diwi had invited a friend. Other women sellers saw what was going on and wanted to join the group. Soon, a faithful group of women gathered every week to learn from God’s word about His love for them. 

Please pray that these women will continue to study the Bible and come to believe in the One who knows and sees them.

Can you see how simple it was to start a conversation that lead to a meeting of women interested to learn about Jesus? You can do this too!  If you have questions on how to get started, please email us at info@beyond.org 

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