Since the beginning of the year, Jane* and her local partner have been studying the Bible with Susi*, a spiritually hungry Muslim woman. When we last updated you, Susi knew she was a sinner and was seeking the truth about Isa al Masih (Jesus the Messiah).

One night after they had studied the death and resurrection of Jesus, Susi said, “I’m starting to believe that Isa is God and He is the only way.” Jane was delighted! What an answer to prayer! 

Since Susi’s husband and extended family do not believe, she remained cautious about fully committing herself to follow Jesus. Knowing there will be challenges, Jane advised Susi to consider the cost of following Jesus while continuing to pray that God would reveal himself to her husband in a powerful way. 

At the end of that meeting, Susi asked if there were any printed BIbles in her language. (They had been studying together using a phone app.) Jane happily gave her a Bible, and Susi began studying the book of Matthew on her own!

In April, Susi prayed a heartfelt prayer to Jesus, confessing her sin, committing her life to follow God, and thanking him for his “amazing” sacrifice on the cross. She feels the peace of eternal salvation, and her life is filled with the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. 

The next week, Jane and Susi studied baptism. After a week of thinking and praying, Susi said, “What we’ve learned about baptism is God’s Word, and I desire to follow wholeheartedly.”  

Pray for Susi as she has ongoing conversations with her husband about her new faith in Jesus. She wants to share her testimony with him and see him become Isa’s follower too. Pray that her husband will give his blessing and be present at her baptism.  


She wanted something to hold on to wholeheartedly. She even told her mom that she was searching outside Islam for truth. 
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Susi was interested in each of the Old Testament stories and asked, “Are these stories talking about the blood of Jesus?” read more …