Rajbir* is a fruitful disciple maker in North India. In 2012, he gave his allegiance to Jesus, was baptized, then quickly dedicated himself to making disciples of Jesus who would make other disciples. Through Rajbir’s spiritual lineage, thousands of churches have begun, and tens of thousands of people baptized. The churches and disciples are healthy and strong.  

Rajbir makes his living as a farmer. He spends his days in physical and spiritual fields. Harassment and persecution from local Hindu radicals are unrelenting. When they warn him to stop talking about Jesus, Rajbir simply responds that he will continue to obey Jesus. 

Last year, right before the harvest, some local men repeatedly warned Rajbir to stop talking to Hindus about Jesus. When he didn’t, they decided there had been enough “talk.” They came to his farm, restrained him, then plowed up his harvest. The police refused to help. 

Through it all, Rajbir’s “Timothys”, those he was discipling, were watching him. They took note of his response. He didn’t lash out or back down. He continued reaching out to his neighbors. 

A few weeks after the attack, Rajbir visited a house church in another village. On this visit, the village leader, Pallab, approached him and said, “I sent men to cut your harvest to stop you from doing this work, but you are not stopping.”

“You have done your job by finishing my harvest,” Rajbir said. “But I cannot stop. This is truth.” 

Pallab had no response. He thought about Rajbir’s answer for days. Finally, he went to speak with the house church, “Why do you call this man to visit you?” 

“Rajbir is a man of integrity,” they replied.  He carries no ill will for others. He speaks truth. We used to be bothered by many evil spirits, and we did bad things, but now we are healed. We feel safe and happy.” Once again, Pallab was rendered speechless. He turned and left.  

A few weeks later, Pallab’s sister-in-law became ill. The family paid doctor after doctor to no avail. Finally, Pallab’s wife said, “I have heard many good things about the man whose harvest you destroyed. If we call him to pray, I think my sister will be fine.”

“No way,” Pallab said. “I won’t call him. He’s my enemy.” 

His wife replied, “See our sister. She is in poor condition. He can pray, and she will be fine.”

With all other options exhausted, Pallab finally asked the local church to send for Rajbir. They did. Rajbir was afraid. Was this a trap? Even so, Rajbir and one of the local disciples went to the village leader’s home. Rajbir asked, “Why did you call me here?” 

Pallab said, “I hate you, but my wife says good things and wants you to pray for her sister.” 

Rajbir replied, “We have no magic. Our loving God heals people. If you want prayer, bring your sister-in-law to the next village where a house church meets. We will pray for her there.” [Writer’s note – We do not fully understand why Rajbir didn’t pray for the sister-in-law that day. We can only surmise that he was listening to the Lord, and this was His direction.]

Two weeks later, Pallab and his entire household went to the village, entered the home where the church was meeting and sat down. They participated, then went home. They attended every week for two months. The sister-in-law improved as they prayed for her each week. Eventually, she addressed her brother-in-law: “You hate this man, but he is good. You have seen the miracle of my recovery. You should invite him to visit us.”

“OK,” Pallab said. “I do love this man. I will call him and bring him to my home.” 

Soon after, Rajbir and several others visited Pallab. They prayed for the family. After a few visits, Pallab apologized to Rajbir: “I am sorry for your harvest. I did wrong. I cannot give you money right now, but when I get my harvest in, I will give you some.” Then, he asked, “What do we do next? You prayed for my sister-in-law, and she is better. I know people in nearby villages who have similar illnesses and need prayer. Can you go with me to pray for them?”

To date, 11 families have given their allegiance to Jesus, and Pallab is now a spiritual leader. 

Praise God. His Kingdom is advancing. Sauls still become Pauls. God is unstoppable.

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