Someone asked *Helen why she and her husband chose BEYOND as their sending organization. “My answer is always the same,” says Helen. “Not only is BEYOND laser-focused on seeing healthy disciples reproduce healthy disciples which plant healthy multiplying churches across cultures and borders, but BEYOND also truly cares for their members in a way I haven’t experienced before.” 

In 2013, *Frank and Helen set out to start a Disciple Making Movement (DMM) among an unreached people group. They knew God had promised to go before them and be with them, but they didn’t anticipate how much Satan would attack along the way. 

“We were originally with a somewhat larger organization before joining BEYONDSoon after arriving on the field, we learned how important it was to have an organization that actively supported its members’ health. By the end of our first year, we had experienced two miscarriages and the burnout of our teammates who permanently left the field. While our first org helped us seek counseling and walked with us through our team falling apart, the effort was all reactive, not proactive. We received no preventative help or preparation for future issues. They didn’t seem to have the resources to affect change. After four years of feeling like we were constantly going elsewhere to get help, both personally and for our ministry, we made the difficult decision to leave the organization. 

“We were already going to BEYOND members for DMM guidance, and the more we learned about their approach to member health, the more we wanted to learn. BEYOND is different. They are proactive in making sure you and your family are healthy disciples at all times. This is crucial as only healthy disciples can reproduce healthy disciples.” 

“They have several different touch-points to ensure their members’ health. Every month we celebrate growth and share our challenges in the areas of family, prayer, spiritual growth, ministry, and finances through an evaluation. They do not micromanage but allow space for sharing, celebrating, growing, and changing. Field staff can get help before a crisis hits or altogether avoid many crises often faced on the field. We are continually trained and refreshed in best ministry practices by experienced DMM leaders. They are never satisfied with stagnation for any one disciple, much less a movement of disciples. Their approach to member health is truly holistic. I feel as if I am a better person and a healthier disciple because of the way BEYOND has invested in me. We are so glad we chose BEYOND!”