While at a restaurant, Karly, Alison, and Megan met the owner. They asked the woman how they could pray for her. Her request was that her six children would seek God. They had grown up, become rich, and forgotten the importance of spiritual things. She shared how she had raised them as a single mother because of her husband’s addiction. Her gratitude for God’s help in that time inspired her to be close to God (as she understood him in her religion), and to lead her family in that too.

“It’s like I always say to my kids, ‘Heaven is under the mother’s feet,’” she said. The three friends asked about the saying’s meaning. Does it mean the mom is already in heaven? Does she have the power to bring people there? The woman explained that it means children should respect and follow their mother. “Nobody can be certain if they will go to heaven or not,” she continued. “Everybody has sin. Even prophets — all of them have sin.”

“Actually,” Alison said, “there is one prophet who doesn’t have sin.”

“Who is that?” the woman asked eagerly.

This opened the door for the friends to share a story about Jesus and his mother from Luke chapter one. The story resonated with the woman and she agreed that she would like to discuss more prophet stories sometime.

Join us in praying alongside one of our BEYOND donors: “Father God, we ask that as Muslims who are spiritually hungry search the Qu’ran, it may fall open to passages that speak about Isa al Masih (Jesus the Messiah). Through the power of the Holy Spirit open their eyes to the Truth that will set them free.”