Not long after arriving in Nepal, Brian* and Ellie* advertised for a language helper through a social media site. God, in His goodness, led them to Hom*. 

 The couple soon learned that Hom came from a traditional church background and that his father pastored a local church. As the relationship grew, they began sharing about God’s calling on their lives for Nepal and how they obey that calling. Hom began reading Scripture with Brian and obeying what God spoke to him. 

After a small disciple-making training, Hom converted his traditional, leader-led home group into a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) group. Additionally, though he had always actively shared the gospel with people, he began asking if he could share more with them and their families in their homes.

Two Hindu families agreed to read God’s stories with him. They now meet weekly for a DBS. The families have recently received Bibles so they can read and grow on their own. 

Hom has grown too. At first, it was a challenge for him to allow an unbeliever to facilitate the DBS group, but God directed him to invite the daughter of one family to lead the most recent meeting. “He’s clearly listening to the Lord,” Ellie reports. “He did a great job of modeling leadership, and now he is shifting into growing other new leaders. He is really catching on to the fact that God’s word and the Holy Spirit are the teachers.” 

“Hom is doing incredible work for the Lord,” Brian declares. “He has expressed his desire to see all the peoples of Nepal come to know the Lord. We are so thankful for the partnership the Lord has given us, and we are proud to call Hom our brother.”