*Karly and her roommate *Allison re-visited a family who had previously welcomed them and the Scripture stories they shared. 

During the first visit, the family had asked for $50 to help pay their rent. The young ladies didn’t know what to do. They didn’t want the family to rely on them financially. That is not why they had visited. Instead, they prayed. Sitting on the floor in the dark, they all lifted the family’s needs to God.

Two weeks later, Karly and Allison met with the family to study the story of Joseph. They asked the couple, “How do you see God from this story?”  

“God doesn’t sleep,” the wife answered. “God always has a way to help. When we prayed last time, I felt God very close even though it was so dark. After you left, I continued to pray and cry to God. The next morning, someone we didn’t know came and gave us exactly $50 and groceries too.”

The husband asked, “How could God answer our prayers from that dark and dirty place?” Referencing the Islamic ritual of washing before prayers he added, “We didn’t even wash our hands!”
Beyond donors, you have played a part in this story! Pray for this family as they continue to encounter our Heavenly Father.