*Gabriella lives in Central Asia and is the only known follower of Jesus in the city where she lives. For a while, she didn’t really share stories from the Bible with those around her. She was afraid.

*Frank and *Helen, Beyond movement catalysts, have been praying for Gabriella to have Jesus’ heart for the lost, especially for her own unreached people group. They were delighted to hear that she now hosts weekly dinner parties in her apartment. Delicious food, fellowship, and conversations around stories from the Bible are all on the menu! Every week several people gather, including a young man named Mahir.

Mahir began doing Bible studies with Frank a little over a year ago, and in a recent conversation, Mahir told him of the parties he was attending in Gabriella’s home. Mahir has not stopped studying the Bible! Instead, he has found a place for his interest to continue to grow, all because Gabriella stepped out in faith.

Please pray for Mahir and all who attend Gabriella’s parties to understand and obey the truth they read in the Bible. Pray they would share it with those they meet, that the Good News would spread through this unreached people group.

And thanks to Beyond donors who support Kingdom relationships like these.