Our Himalayan team treks for days to share the Good News with mountain-dwelling peoples. In our last story from the region, we shared that the team felt it prudent to leave one village early because some there were afraid of outsiders during this time of Coronavirus.

Leaving early gave them time to visit a small village of 18 homes where a teammate had been discipling a family towards Christ. At the outbreak of the pandemic, Dalha, a follower of Jesus, moved back to this remote village where she had been raised. Many others did likewise, opening opportunities for followers of Jesus to share their faith with unreached family and friends whom they rarely see.

At Dalha’s invitation, the team stayed overnight with her family. They led the family and a few others from the village in a Discovery Bible Study and prayed over them. The next morning, as the team turned to leave, one man stepped forward and said, “Pray for us because we are becoming like you.”

Glory to God! This man recognizes that he and his family are turning toward belief in Christ and away from their traditional religion. Pray for this family as they are being discipled toward Christ.